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    • Hotch

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      - It's Aya. I've been waiting for someone to do this because I love Onechanbara.
      - You used a nice model of her.
      - Jigglebones effect for her hair and boa.
      - The wrist/hand isn't bent freakishly.
      - It replaces Zoey. Finally... I got tired of the Rochelle replacements.


      - Some glitches when it comes to her hair. I have links but it says not to post website URLs... So I guess I won't.
      - Would have been better to use Rochelle's animations instead of Zoey's, because this can only be used on local or single player.
      - Not really a "con" but there was no lobby picture.


      I don't know if it would even be possible, but this would be a much better mod if it replaced Zoey with Rochelle's animations/skeleton like L4D2 has made Zoey. Using Zoey's animations/skeleton from L4D makes it so this mod cannot be used on servers, it is only able to be used on local or single player without severe glitching. Also, when hosting locally, people without the mod see regular Zoey except in very awkward positions. Because of that, I will probably not use it very often even though I like it a lot.
      Overall, it's a really nice model replacement, it just has a few minor glitches... And as I said, it would be best to use the Zoey animations/skeleton that she has in L4D2, not L4D.
      Good job, I am glad that someone finally chose to put Aya in L4D2!

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