Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
How to stop special infected kills you
If your teammates are far away from you then special infected got you and kills you such a Smoker,,Hunter,Jockey,Charger you can kick them by using kick command for example kick smoker,kick hunter, kick jockey, kick charger also you can kick tank, boomer,spitter if you hate them except witch just avoid her.
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kurochama March 2018
Based on my experience, if you use sv_cheats 1, it will be much faster to use "warp" cheat for example Warp_far_survivor_here (this will warp farthest survivor directly on your crosshair) . So, when you're pinned by a special infected, aim the crosshair on the ground (move the camera down) & use that warp cheat (faster if you bind it in a key) . Then, a survivor will suddenly come to help you. You can also help other far survivor ridden by a Jockey by warping them right on your crosshair & then smash Jockey (only works on Jockey, I think). This cheat can also help incapacitated survivors instantly rises with temporary health (so, no need to revive them") . One cheat for multiple purposes :D . Just don't use it to tease your teammates, ok... :)
Blancella December 2017
Nope, you can't kick them. The only way is just nb_delete all (it will delete all infected and survivors). To add survivor type sb_add nick or sb_add gambler (their job). Kick is only working to kick survivor. You can spawn zombies with z_spawn command
Enderman2031 December 2017
no im tried
HardRave May 2017
I was tried that, but nothing happen..? why?
Johnny_Dave April 2017
Nice guide. But what makes no sense for kicking them