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I port / repair campaigns for fun to keep the game alive. Check out my Emporium for a collection of over 2000 L4D1/2 and CSS campaigns and associated archives.:) PLURR Dave :)

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  • Unfinished title since 2010. Missing textures, Models, overall incomplete.

    Being honest this map looks like a mess of different good ideas that could have amounted to something with a lot more work. Currently it has missing models, missing textures, and the layout needs a lot of work. I wish you luck someday finishing it up.

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    Downloading Account Screenshots for Different G...

    Is there a way to bulk-download all posted screenshots on my Steam account? The screenshots folder in your profile and the one inside the games you are playing may not contain the same items. However, if you want a copy of what you see i...

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    Campaign works fine in local server but not on ...

    Brackets in the DisplayTitle Field of the Mission File is a No No. Recently working on revitalizing a campaign and when I went to run it it wouldn't run on a dedicated server but worked great on a local server? Took me about 3 hours to ...

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    Fix for making .smx plugins for your Server.

    I've been frustrated lately because I wanted to update my .smx files (sourcemod plugins which add stuff like perk mods etc.) to my rented L4D2 server and was failing miserably. If you are like me you were using the .smx compiler here (h...

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    Too many t-junctions to fix up!

    Answer by Sr. Staff of tf2maps - Okay so the more complex answer is that tjuncts are anywhere a func detail brush touches a world brush, or another func detail brush. Too many of these tjuncts and you get the error you have. One of the ...

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    Using Vide to Pull Textures from L4D2 Maps

    Using Vide to Pull Textures from L4D2 Maps 1. Open Vide - https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/VIDE 2. Select (pakfile lump editor") then choose (open). 3. Find the map (.bsp) you want to load. 4. Once loaded click the (extract) butt...

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    Red Lines in Hammer Editor - How to Remove

    Red Lines in Hammer Editor - How to Remove This happens when you are working in the editor sometimes usually by accident. Here is how you turn off the red lines on everything - Shift + I. This solution was originally shared by a user nam...


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