Freezer Burn

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  • kurochama

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    Nice map

    Nice map. I can enjoy it from the beginning to the finale. The bot navigation is fine. There are only few minor problems but I'm fine with those as I used to face such things.
    Minor Cons:
    - Most maps lack secondary weapons. There were melee weapon everywhere but I was only carrying one pistol & one bot was carrying a magnum pistol till the finale.
    - On the map Arctic Atrium & Spring Thaw, there is endless horde as the alarm has no switch to turn off.
    - No highlighted instructions except the finale. I spent long time enduring the zombie horde at arctic atrium until I found the explosives that burned & cleared the wooden barri ade getting in the way.
    - On Arctic Atrium, don't try to stick to the wall near the boxes or you'll get stuck sometimes & once you're stuck, you can only either use cheat "warp", use "go_away_from_keyboard" (if there's at least one player) or restart the map as the autoteleportation for players are somehow not active here so you can't get teleported to nearby players or bots.
    In overalls, it's a playable & fun map

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