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Fix for making .smx plugins for your Server.

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Left 4 Dead 2 Guide

I've been frustrated lately because I wanted to update my .smx files (sourcemod plugins which add stuff like perk mods etc.) to my rented L4D2 server and was failing miserably.  If you are like me you were using the .smx compiler here (https://www.sourcemod.net/compiler.php).  Unfortunately, the compiler is throwing errors now during compiling (depreciated variables, etc etc). Sometimes it would actually create an .smx file I thought would work but when I added it to the server and tried to load or refresh them using HLSW (third party tool for managing your server) it would throw an error (string-table error)? (See attachment).  So in my search I found a forum where different methods of how to convert .sp files were being discussed (https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=173037&page=2) with some people having the same issue I was. However, even after reading this I was a bit confused because although there were some great solutions listed but none of them were written very well making it impossible to do as they said. Anyhooo, the issue ended up being that my rented server is only using Sourcemod ver 1.9 build XXXX and if you look at the Sourcemods online compiler it says right there that the compiler is for ver 1.10. Well, believe it or not there must be a big enough difference between the two sourcemods that .smx files created in 1.10 will not work in 1.9. Meaning that if I wanted an .smx file to work in 1.9 it must be created in 1.9.  So here is the fix for making your own .smx files when you need them and not having to rely on anyone.  In that forum (above), user Elpapuh helped the most so credit to him or her for at least getting me going in the right direction. Here is the full instruction set for doing it yourself. 
1.  See what version of SourceMod you are using on your server. Version and Branch. 
2.  Then go and download the version of sourcemod you need.  Here is the link for sourcemod version 1.10 (https://www.sourcemm.net/downloads.php?branch=stable) and the link for Sourcemod version 1.9 (https://www.sourcemod.net/downloads.php?branch=1.9-dev). They contain all available branches. 
3.  Extract the file you downloaded into a folder somewhere on your computer.  It will create an addons and cfg folder. 
4.  Some of the .smx files require a (socket file), Get that from Allied Modders - (https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=67640).  Just download and add the contents to the same folder you put your Sourcemod into.
5.  Now take the .sp file you want to convert to an .smx file and drag and drop it on top of spcomp.exe located in the addons/sourcemod/scripting folder. It will create a nice shiney .smx file in the same folder as your .sp file so there isn't any need to move it anywhere. 
6. Copy the new .smx file to your servers sourcemod plugins folder, reboot and enjoy.
Note -  (Once you put the .smx files into the plugins folder your server is supposed to automatically convert them over to the cfg/souremod) folder as .cfg files.)  These cfg files are cvar interpretations of how the .smx files are setup if you ever want to double check how you've got them set :)).  

Hope this helps. Took me about 4 hours to figure all this out. 

Timelords out. 

Fixing .smx compiling issues.


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