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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Dead Before Dawn DC
Dead Before Dawn DC created by darth_brush.
Reviews (138)
Dead Before Dawn: Director's Cut is an update of DBD including more mall, more zombies and more events! It includes our 'deleted' map Undead center, which you'll be able to finally play as full release version! Release: February 16th 2011
Version: 7.0  (Final)
Last Updated: 03/13/13
Released: 03/13/13
Author: darth_brush
Publisher: DBD_Team
Maps: 5/5
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: deadbeforedawn2_dc.vpk  
Size: 562.56MB
Mode: Co-Op, Versus, Campaign,
Tagged: L4D2 Survivors,
The campaign was fun to play! custom music the guy that talks to you in the mall detailed mall, the mall looks better than the dead center mall
two tanks appear at the finale (sometimes)
I liked the campaign the finale was great too had to leave the bots behind in the fnale though becaues there were two tanks after me
- Custom music - Voice acting - Panic events - Great looking maps - Justified long = good - Lots of action and lots of fun - Atmosphere
- I just hated that "5th survivor" - Finale's problem = Done correctly is too easy, When you fall down it gets too long
Generaly, this campaign is amazing. I really liked that one and I hope I'll replay it many times in future. The only thing that really bothers me, is attitude of this "5th survivor"-guy. He's so obnoxious and so unlikeable that even when he saved my ass I still wanted to rip his throat out and put it in his... somwhere safe... Still, he's not much of a problem (when I don't have to listen to him), but overall, voice acting is just great, I loved the radio auditions, this made this world look way more realistic and way more... living (can I call it like that?) You did a really great job and I hope you'll keep it that way in future. P.S. THIS IS THE ONLY CAMAPIGN WHERE YOU CAN ACTUALLY MAKE USE OF MACHINE GUNES BECAUSE THEY ARE WELL PLACED, PRAISE THE LORD OF WELL PLACED MACHINE GUNS
- Awesome effort put into environment - Backtracking was fun. The map wasn't a straight line to the end - Path wasn't force-fed, you had to search around to find your way. - Manyof the events were well done - Voice acting was decent - Music
- Fountain glitched - Quite stretched at points - Sometimes hard to hear / understand voice actors - Finale end half wasn't very climatic
This map was really well done. The environment definitely portrayed the amount of time you obviously spent on it, as well as the voice acting, music, and level lay out. I loved the pawn shop in the middle of the campaign. I must've spent ages trying to get in before finding out how to do it - and it was rewarding, but also consequence. As I already pointed out, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out where to go, and I liked that. Many L4D2 maps tell you where to go, and it doesn't seem as fun as it does trying to make your way through a large, more realistic area. However, the levels did seem to stretch out a bit sometimes, and the finale didn't stack up to the climax I was expecting.
great details custom music custom sound good intro cutscenes i really like how the tank was spawned the later maps. instructions given via radio - funny+awesome
finale was a tad hard for me i cant shoot the the dancing security guard (receptionist?) :(
i hate playing 'in buildings' maps but this one... i like... one of the best campaigns i've played so far.
-custom models -custom sounds -nice detail in the map -great events and movies -nice
this is a great campaign, greak work, really awesome.
Last Updated: 03/13/13 Version: 7.0  (Final) Views: 1,076,001
How to run Survival with bots? "map l4d_deadline02 survival" is not working.
i played this mod today , i am a bit disapointed by the way it turned ... you removed a lot of monsters ...and final is no longer as cool with the NO final fight . the white truck before the fight that opens first door [below the ex system with wheels ] is no longer solid ... may be you should recompile the maps and make some old monsters spots back again your mod is still very good <3 but less than top of top it was
que seriaaa la mappaaa
I just started playing this map again. I liked it! One thing I noticed is 2nd map is kinda boring-not much activity. Finale had too much spawn of zombie hordes and little supplies. But overall, it's a fun campaign to play!
Even with the content fix, the pipes still have the checkered purple/black textures in them. That's the only downfall of this campaign other than that, at the finale, all infected seem strangely obsessed with getting on top of the escape truck. When the last cutscene kicked in, we carried a Tank off on the roof!
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