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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Resident Evil Outbreak : File 1
Resident Evil Outbreak : File 1 created by Richy221.
Reviews (66)
Version: 6.2  (Beta)
Last Updated: 04/06/12
Released: 04/06/12
Author: Richy221
Publisher: richy221
Maps: 7/7
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: Outbreak.vpk  
Size: 526.47MB
Mode: Co-Op, Versus, Campaign,
Environments: Remakes / Ports,
Textures and details in harmony Ideal environments for each scene or situation Excellent puzzle on each map Requires much attention and dedication, should be played more than once
Very difficult when you first played Could have instructor game The final awkward with all those Tanks and a generator that says to destroy but Tanks continue to arrive
Every new map that match discovering new adventures, but playing "Resident Evil Outbreak: File 1" was a huge experience for me. This gave new life to Mod L4D2, play it was like being in another game that was not L4D2. Even with every difficulty, when played with friends is so much fun, provides many laughs and anger at the same time. Undoubtedly deserves "5 stars". Small bugs but nothing emerged that disturbed the progress of the game. Congratulations!
- Incredibly detailed locations - It really feels like Raccoon City - Custom skins - Amazing cinematic intro, that really surprised me, even if it´s useless for gameplay mechanics it´s an outstanding visual tribute to the Resident Evil franchise
- The custom music for the witch i know it´s from Code Veronica but somehow it feels hilarious instead of tension when she runs towards you - The campaign at the beginning when i tested it usually it doesnt load because of the undetected custom model of the licker for the hunter giving only the message "models/hunter.mdl or something like that and it´s really annoying because that is out of my control - When i use the third person view the game crashes usually in the same part when i get out of the bar after openning the door to the stairs
Awesome map and the adaptation it´s amazing and maybe the must surprising for me until now. The map is really funny but somehow currently i can´t play other part of the map without the crash problem.
Nostalgic; Long Campaign; Good references for the Resident Evil Franchise; Licker skin for Hunter; Custom music for Witch (Alexia Ashford theme, from Resident Evil: Code Veronica).
Boring Puzzles; Retarded bots; Zombies appearing and disappering in front of the player; Some WTF moments: Strange dog, Moving 2 police cars to open a barred gate, and others strange things.
It's a excellent campaign, i recommend for the guys who love the Resident Evil Franchise, just like me.
OUTBREAK Everything works Custom Music Custom Sounds Custom Textures Custom Skins Different Events Puzzles Map looks just like the real Outbreak game on Ps2
Chapter 1 : Outbreak Issues : After the forklift to get too the roof the door at the top of the stairs looks like a door, but I can phase through it as do zombies when its shut. Chapter 2 : Below Freezing Point Issues : Ladder holes aren't big enough, takes a bit to try to get down which is a pain and a peeve. Too many witch spawns after doing an event, she pretty much spawns on someone in the room with you not giving you a chance to crown or even notice her. Train at the end is also phase able, if you go to the back you can jump right through it, even though you can jump right back out, its something that does need to be looked at and fixed. Chapter 3 : The Hive Issues : First door across from the elevator on the 3rd floor where you turn on the power, if you close the door and look through the window, it looks like you can see the sky box and the outside. Elevator does not play good with others... meaning the A.I don't like standing in it for less then a few seconds which made me have to kill the bot just to finish the finale with my friend and brother. At the bottom of the elevator shaft you need a ladder or need to raise the ground, because if you are on B2 and go to get in the elevator and its not there and u fall in the bottom there is no way up and the elevator will squash you, even going idle the bot wont force spawn to get you out of there. Chapter 4 : Hell Fire Issues : Before you go and get on the balcony through the window, other side of the hall there is suppose to be a wall, but its see through so just looks like a bunch of fire and no wall behind it so allows me to see right outside. I can't name everyone but if you go on the balcony you will see tons of split textures or broken ones that allow you to see through things on the other building across from the one you are in. Chapter 5 : Decisions Decisions Issues : Main hall has two doors that if you look through the little window on them you can see sky boxes and the outside. The door outside that you go through after the sewers is unbreakable, which I used to my advantage cause I was playing on a hard difficulty, I shot the witch through the door, then I spawned those 2 tanks then also shot them through that door as well as 2 hordes I just think you should add damage too the door. Finale where you spawn 6 tanks and the helly goes up and I guess the truck is suppose to hit all of them or some of them? Well the truck seems to miss them 98% of the time, the 2% he was able to kill one. All maps need teamwork my suggestion is play this with 3 buddies because you don't want A.I For my last con and this goes across to all maps! Not enough spawn closets!
Richy221 you did a fantastic job and did a lot of work the issues I pointed out are minor but need to be fixed just because it runes the experience. On that note I loved playing this brought me back to my younger days when I played Outbreak online every single second I was awake, I want to give you 10/10 but till the issues are fixed I'm giving you an 8/10 Looking forward to playing it again once all those issues are resolved. Great work! still an outstanding job.
- Resident Evil ! - Nice Puzzles - Detailed Map - Intro is skippable
- Maybe only for Resi-Cracks - Tanks in Chapter 6
I have to say, that I am a huge Resident Evil Fan and so I loved to play this Campaign! The puzzles are very nice, altough it took some time to figure out where the items are. Nice job!
Last Updated: 04/06/12 Version: 6.2  (Beta) Views: 778,066
game crashed while loading chapter 2.
Not sure if you know this but in the second level just as I am about to exit the sewer i get to the top of the ladder and the game crashes. Not sure if anyone has any idea of how to fix this as otherwise this is the best map ive played.
This is the best map I have ever played :DDD THANK YOU MAN FOR BRINGING MY GOOD OLD TIMES BACK! I MISS OUTBREAK FILE 1 FILE2. Btw. R u making maps of file2?Would be awesome!
glad you enjoy it lol. i have been taking a break from mapping for a while and come back to this campaign updating it here and there from time to time but that's all i have been doing.
the second chapter is broken, after i went to the tunnels, i got stock in a ladder and i couldn't pass to the next level, please make some fix or something ps: sorry for my english
its not broken. you need to climb a certain way up. get off the ladder and make sure your in the middle
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