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GameMaps Left 4 Dead 2 Maps Badwater Basin
Badwater Basin created by jsparakov.
Reviews (13)
This is an unadvertised Silent Update. They're just minor changes to make the campaign work again. A major update has an unknown ETA since the source map for that has been pulled apart.
Version: 3  (Alpha)
Last Updated: 10/15/11
Released: 10/15/11
Author: jsparakov
Publisher: jsparakov
Maps: 1
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: badwater_dev3.vpk  
Size: 255.1MB
Mode: Co-Op, Scavenge,
Tagged: L4D2 Survivors,
-Great combination of my two favourite games -Intense panic events -No tanks until the end -Great application of TF2 sounds and music -Ellis' reference to TF2 -Melee weapons on the cart (great idea, but they need to be outlined) -Good variety of infected -No witches -Challenging
-The survivors said "the helicopter's arrived!" when I sitll had 4 more gas cans to pour in -Coach said "The Midnight Riders saved us!" which had little to no relevance in this campaign -I didn't get to the finale because the bots all died
All in all, a fun map. I love TF2 and I love L4D2, so obviously I loved this. It took me aaages to figure out how to get to the last 4 cans (up the numerous flights of stairs next to the hole) but that was probably just me being stupid :P Very innovative, fun to play, but the bots let me down towards the end (not a problem with what you did, just stupid AI). Anyway, job well done. Especially since this isn't a finished release.
Great Finale Lots of resources Fun Zombies go for cart like it has boomer bile all over it Great map port Easy
At some points the survivors get dumb Tank spawns right in front of you Little to no Uncommon infected
A very fun map but its easy for the AI Survivors to get lost while your down, but i had a lot of fun playing this map and after i played the tf2 map and i could see how accurate and how much you didn't change anything but that board with the weapons right before the finale.
-Stays true to TF2 design without many gameplay issues. -Functional cart, no problems with it. -Unique gameplay. -Instructional notices. -Infected tend to go after the cart rather than the Survivors. It gives them a good breather moment.
-No Witches. -Lack of Uncommon Infected. I'd think that the Fallen Survivor would work well here.
A nice wacky map. Do you think you will continue to develop this map? And will you do the same for other TF2 maps?
It's fun Well Made Balanced Polished
There are no cons because it's too perfect
Conclusion: download it right now
Good objective taut. Great idea with the zombies slowing down the payload. No change in the Team Fortress 2 map. Feels like Left 4 Fortress 2.
A bit too hard for easy.
Should make some TF2 dudes doing or hiding somewhere ya know like an easter egg...
Last Updated: 10/15/11 Version: 3  (Alpha) Views: 119,623
Team Fortress 2 map
i wonder what its gonna be like
Unknown format. What do I do?
this map only needs a normal VS mode and it's all ok
Looks fun, but I had a miserable time on a similar map called "Payload Hoodoo." I hope this map isn't as EVIL as the other one... :S
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