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Left Behind created by ilcannibal / 1SG.Heartless.
The survivors are now stranded in 'The OutSkirts' before they can reach their destination. They must cross 'The Dam' then once they reach 'The Station' getting too 'Army Base' for support their hope is none of them will be 'Left Behind!' WARNING: This campaign is for competitive play, so beware... IMPORTANT: Please include game hints (the instructor). This will direct you most of the way though the campaign. Hostname: L4D2 Left Behind Ded/Pub Server -- (ZombieFest) Server: (U.S.A. - San Jose) Port: 27015 STEPS TO CONNECT 1. Create Lobby 2. In Console: mm_dedicated_force_servers 3. Start your Lobby
Version: 16.0  (Final)
Last Updated: 09/06/12
Released: 09/06/12
Author: ilcannibal / 1SG.Heartless
Publisher: ilcannibal
Maps: 4/4
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: behind.vpk  
Size: 236.54MB
Tagged: L4D1 Survivors,
Last Updated: 09/06/12   Version: 16.0  (Final)    
-Unique events -Voice acting -Custom sounds and music -Character scene dialogue, and a lot if I remember correctly -Most maps were well laid out -Good finale area
-Voice acting super quiet on map 2 -Crescendo events were ungodly difficult -Map 3 was short, hard, and disappointing -More quiet voice acting on map 3 -Suddenly in a cave on map 2???
Some parts were so hard we almost gave up playing the campaign. Nice execution on the voice acting events, but the sound files were way too quiet to hear.
- environment is nice - length of each map is just fine - lots of guns and ammo provided (like the Whitaker Gun Shop) - creative music and voices inside the campaign
- bots have some problems in navigating - the mobs are just too many (almost impossible to play on expert) - gauntlet events are just too many
A little hard to play sort of campaign, as there are just TOO many gauntlet events and endless mobs of zombies coming to attack you. I tried to play this on expert, and all my teammates (including myself) were wiped out by the mobs within just a short period of time! Maybe you did this on purpose to make this a challenging campaign but I think this is going a little overboard. Other than that, everything else is okay.
* Nice Enviroment * Non-Linear Maps * Good amount of supplies, witch is good for long maps like the ones you get here * Interesting tasks to complete (I would suggest a more logical order on PC parts to scavenge ) * Good Music (If you ask me)
* Endless hordes * Zombies spawns from rare places during the second half of map 1 * computer parts layout and order, (although it's an interesting idea) * finale with a powerfull m60 against 2 very weak tanks (somehow, I guess it's compensating for those endless hordes before, but it isn't working)
By correcting "cons" this would be a very funny and interesting campaign, otherwise it can be frustrating to play, especially for non-experts.
-Nice Environments -Some nice touches throughout every level -Clever use of original dialogue to fit the story of this campaign
-Ridiculously long levels with obnoxious and poorly designed zombie gauntlets; The Dam area is particularly loathsome as it requires repeated back-and-forth across one area to complete successfully -This is meant for competitive play? The level layout and endless zombie gauntlets mean there's zero chance of a team of survivors getting very far. -Horrible, tiresome, needlessly convoluted, horrible, unbalanced, poorly designed, did I mention horrible? finale.
The one common mistake that I see 90 percent of map makers do is believe that nonstop zombie hordes and panic events and gauntlets are a good thing. Wrong. The other common mistake is that a longer map is a better map. Wrong again. This campaign commits both these ridiculously obvious but common mistakes to the point of GROSS INCOMPETENCE. The campaign itself is nicely designed, nice details and touches throughout. But every chapter is a long, tiresome and often confusing slog. It's as if the map maker kept adding more and more to the map and stopped to to say "perhaps I should stop here and improve its focus and readability. NAH... LOL!" I'm pretty sure that's how it went down. Moreover, considering the length of each chapter - and the sheer amount of panic events and gauntlets - it boggles the mind that the mapmaker decided this was for competitive play. An experienced infected team will absolutely slaughter the survivors with a campaign this ridiculous; a boomer or two and a few well timed attacks and the first zombie panic even will usually do the job (about a third of the way each chapter). Sorry but this would be a horrible versus campaign. But the cherry on top of this boomer bile pie is the absolutely mindbogglingly bad finale. You're expected to fight two tanks, run into several narrow corridors to grab a keycard in a tiny enclosed space, all the while fighting another endless horde of zombies, which leads you to swipe the card you acquire on the opposite side of the area you had to get the card only to be faced with more enclosed areas which would make any spitter infected overjoyed. What a horrible ending. It's apparent that this mapmaker has no semblance or notion of what game balance is, and indeed, he or she must play with some mediocre infected players if they believe this map would not lead to near-instant incaps. I'm all for proper balance between hardy survivors and frail infected but this campaign demonstrates the designer's failure to understand that balance. I hope they never make another mod again and - in fact - they should retire from Left 4 Dead 2 immediately.
Can't agree any more. There are so many mapmakers think the more horde is better, it is totally mistake, zombie horde appears on the right time will make game fun,exciting, but endless horde just make game not only hard but tiresome. I know making a campaign is hard working, and no one will pay that, i respect campaign maker. It is pity that if the author can adjust some parameter, lower some horde, then it will be a better campaign.
Nice campaign. Can author tell me, which music were used in jukebox (1st map)?
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