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DeadCity II Campaign created by ilcannibal.
Kill plenty of zombies starting in RiverSide (city) then battling through the Back Alleys, over a Draw Bridge, at a Military Outpost finding yourself at a Water Plant and during the escape at the Subway Station. This is the Latest Update. Please overwrite your existing copy.
Version: 18.0  (Final)
Last Updated: 10/18/10
Released: 10/18/10
Author: ilcannibal
Publisher: ilcannibal
Maps: 6/6
Map Size: Not Specified
Max Players: Not Specified
File: deadcity2.vpk  
Size: 118.07MB
Mode: Co-Op, Versus, Campaign,
Tagged: L4D2 Survivors,
Last Updated: 10/18/10   Version: 18.0  (Final)    
-very cool atmosphere -the map is complex -fun
- repetitive - a bit overuse with the lightning and the jet zooming by - on second map constant spawning and zombies poping out of mid air - when i was about to get into the safehouse the zombies suddenly spawned and destroyed the whole team
-fix some bugs on the second map and im pretty sure that's it -overall is pretty decent
Generally a good all around campaign. It wasn't overly difficult on Normal (More on this in the Conclusion) Supply placement was good. I never actually found myself running out of supplies unless I was near a safe room. Decently lengthy maps. Some survivor dialogue added here and there. A classic map (didn't help or hurt the score) Some events were mildly interesting
Felt a little...too long at times. I found myself getting a little bored of the campaign near the end, mostly because there was nothing really out of the ordinary in the campaign. An overload of hordes. Way more than was necessary. The campaign hasn't aged very well. Textures look bland and blurry at times.
A relatively fun campaign, although it gets a little boring near the end, and it never offered anything out of the ordinary. Now, on the matter of difficulty. On occasion I see people on the site complaining about how hard a campaign is "On expert/advanced". Personally, I always thought this to be a really ridiculous Con. If a campaign is too difficult on Expert, common sense should tell you to simply lower the difficulty, although it seems that some reviewers seemed to forget that other difficulty levels existed. Basically, what I'm trying to say here is that if a campaign is so difficult on a certain difficulty, then simply turn the difficulty down, but don't lower the score of your review over that, as it's unfair to the creator.
Scenery was beautiful Layout was pretty good, was generally clear on where to go Lots of unique gameplay elements- event with gas cans in the middle of the map, trains at the end Amazing level of difficulty, very challenging but still quite playable Chapters are decently balanced Events are difficult, but enough bile to make them easily passable Supply distribution was generally nice and appropriate for the level of difficulty- enough defibs, thank you
Large amounts of events and hordes is kind of excessive, especially for unexperienced players Bot nav could be better- they got stuck in a couple places, didn't always pick up supplies Beginning is a bit difficult- event right at the start with poor weapons is a little much, and there are a ton of hordes before you even start that event There's an area with an event right after a gun store-type place, and there's an unbreakable door right before leaving the room to start the event- good to get tanks stuck on Trains caught a lot of people unawares There's one chapter with a bridge run to the saferoom- here CI spawn inside this saferoom, which make it near instant death the majority of the time, pretty frustrating to survive the whole chapter only to die right outside the SR Scavenge event was a little hard
I personally enjoyed the challenge of this map, but it's probably inaccessible for some people. Great map though, with few cons.
1. Great map, excellent details. 2. Bots seemed to work fine. 3. Plenty of supplies at the right time. 4. Lots of interesting things do do, fill tank, lower bridge etc. 5 Places to search, rooms and the like. 6 Decent game play, not to hard and directions well sign posted. 7. Well worth a go in my humble opinion.
1. Sorry about this, it is the only con i have, but sadly it is a BIG one. There are far to many hordes. You leave the safe room, horde. You walk, there is a horde. You stop for a few seconds to get your bearings, you guessed it a horde.
There are far to many hordes. You leave the safe room, horde. You walk, there is a horde. You stop for a few seconds to get your bearings, you guessed it a horde, you finish off one horde and another is quickly on its way. If you enjoy a game where you can not stop to appreciate the hundreds of hours someone has put into a game, if you like to always be on the move and not know where to go because you have no time to look around you, well then this is the game for you. Do not get me wrong i enjoyed the game but it was spoiled by the constant hordes and specials. Due to this i can only give it an 8.5. Thank you to the person who made this great map.
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