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    A top notch ellis replacement

    This mod will completely replace ellis with the hunter skin. I.E. it doesn't look like ellis wearing the hunter's clothes, it will look like the hunter is part of your team.
    Costume and textures is perfectly done like the hunter we all know. Afterall the hunter skin was taken from the actual model in the game. Movements are animations are really well done and I haven't noticed any glitches or weird stuff like that. It's more like just the hunter standing up and holding weapons. Great for taking screenshots and showing to people 'hey look the hunter is on our side. haha
    The only fault I can make about this mod is that it's so good it can get you into trouble. Until you get used to it, your subconcious is gonna say "hey it's the hunter, fire!" which can be bad, really bad in a expert level game. haha

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