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Download 24 'Mutation' Maps.

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    Where the Fairies go (V3)

    Elders once dreamed of living out their days in Ethermar, along the banks and shores of the tranquil waters surrounding it. Those days seem to be long gone though. And while some of the charm of Ethermar remains, so too does the remnants...

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    Arena pack 02 (R2L ONLY)

    [Requires] RIGHT 2 LIVE MOD /Grim Pack/ Pack 02 for R2L Arena mode. - Map 1: Carnage /Medium/ - Map 2: Acid Farm /Medium/ - Map 3: Styx /Large/

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    再见了,南宁/Goodbye,Nanning V4.5 最终版 Final V...

    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// - 从心圩街来到电力学校附近的四人组决定寻找其它出路。 - 此地图一共四张,其中一张为生还者模式,因学业繁忙,本来想做到第5关的。 - 每张地图都有生还者,对抗模式。 - 此地图难度较高,请保护...

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    No Man's Land (R2L ONLY)

    [Requires] RIGHT 2 LIVE MOD 'This looks like a good shortcut' someone said. Of course no one is admitting to it now that you're broken down in the middle of the road. And of all the places to ru...

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    Arena pack 01 (R2L ONLY)

    [Requires] RIGHT 2 LIVE MOD /General Pack/ * Contains 3 maps for use with Arena Mode - Map 1: Stronghold /Small/ - Map 2: Forest Creek /Large/ - Map 3: Outpost 23 /Large/

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    Half Dead pack 01 (R2L ONLY)

    [Requires] RIGHT 2 LIVE MOD /Lab Pack/ Looks like you're becoming infected, but that hasn't made you any less of a target to the other infected. It has however made you lose your ability to g...

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    Weeper's Keep (R2L ONLY)

    * [Requires] RIGHT 2 LIVE MOD They tried to fortify themselves in the underground tunnels below Dr. Malroy's research center. For weeks Dr. Logan ran his experiments on the infected they kept tr...

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    转载自steam 原作者:断手 原地址:

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    搬运..原作者:卖馒头的 这个图真的很有意思,希望大伙都能体验

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    死亡中心暴雨版/Dead Center Storm Mode

    --- Modified the four chapters of the Dead Center to the hard rain scene, and the mall began to flood... --- Supports campaign, versus, survival, scavenge, mutation mode. --- If you need to create a map from the console: c1m1...

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    逃逸森林 Fugitive forest

    幸存者们因为新冠肺炎隔离导致自己家的宝贝狗狗饿了,幸存者们需要前往办公楼里边的地下基地中找到狗粮,然后带走狗粮到达港口乘坐轮船逃逸森林... 整张地图难度较大,对玩家技术和经验方面都是非常大的考验,非常适合喜欢挑战的玩家,如果你喜欢挑战地图...

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    牺牲暴雨版/Sacrifice Storm mode

    --- The three maps of "Sacrifice" have seen periodic rainstorms --- If you want to create a map using the console: c7m1_docks_storm c7m2_barge_storm c7m3_port_storm Bill,I wish you a good journey! ---“牺牲”的三张地图都有周...

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    沼泽激战暴雨版/SwampFever Storm Mode

    --- Periodic rainstorms will come in the swamp --- If you need to build a drawing of the console c3m1_plankcountry_storm c3m2_swamp_storm c3m3_shantytown_storm c3m4_plantation_storm ---沼泽地会有周期性的暴雨 ---如果需要控制台进入...

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    教区暴雨版/The Parish Storm Mode

    --- It took three days to complete the modification, the rainstorm will appear periodically, and some lights were added on the roadside for lighting. --- If necessary, create a map from the console: c5m1_waterfront_storm c5m2_park_sto...

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    狂欢节暴雨版/Dark Carnival Storm Mode

    --- Change the map of Dark Carnival to Rainstorm weather, and Rainstorms will occur periodically --- If you need to create a map using the console: c2m1_highway_storm c2m2_fairgrounds_storm c2m3_coaster_storm c2m4_barns_...

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    City of the Dead Redux (Demo)

    This is only a Demo Version of the campaign, and only has the final two maps! This is an upcoming remake of the campaign City of the Dead, originally released back in 2016.

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