Meme School 2

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    Meme School 2

    What can I say- it's just a bunch of pointless graffiti.  I don't like giving bad reviews but sometimes there is no choice.
    • Drop dead!  I neither said nor did anything to you and that comment is WAY BEYOND out of line.

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Version 1.0 Final

  • Mod
    MAYA - Default Dress in Blue (AllSurvivors)

    This is Maya wearing her Default Dress for All Survivors. She is coming with everything that MHOUND imported such as; Zoey's Animation, Facial Animations and Jigglebones. I changed her VGUI Icons (Lobby/Ingame) and added Boomer Bile Text...

    • New
  • 5 Maps
    Lockdown: Chapter Two

    I recommend that you play LockdownDLC first if you haven't already as this is the sequel, and the story continues from where it left off. - 5 maps - Story continues where LockdownDLC left off - Several maps have hidden areas with ...

  • 4 Maps
    Dead Center ReConstructed
    Beta N/A

    This is a remake of Dead Center, Designed for Versus play. Not made for campaign. but it can be played that way. This is in beta and only map 1-4 are done and map 5 will be finished about 1 month later. After you finish map 4 it w...

    • New
  • 8 Maps
    Field of the Dead Ext. Mashup

    Note - The sniper can be killed. They shoot at anything moving so you can wait til an event or take your chances then or 5 / 6 well placed shots with a sniper rifle will kill them to great effect :). This mashup campaign is created from...