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  • KaiserDuckie

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    Good, but AI is terrible...

    I played solo, and the survivor AI shot exploding barrels on me 2-3 times during this campaign... I've rarely ever had that happen to me. But ahh well, not that big of a deal, since I played on Normal q:
    I suggest getting at least a friend or two, or trying to find someone hosting an Online server for this campaign, as it's very difficult on Singleplayer... especially the final chapter. I gave up for a bit, as I kept getting trapped by infected and a Tank.
    Dam It seems to take place after the Dead Air campaign, and supposedly was meant to be a mixture of that and Blood Harvest. The maps take place in a rural forest area, and you'll come across abandoned buildings, trains, etc. You can tell the campaign was never finished, as many areas (especially in-door areas) are very plane (see what I did there?), and have little details. In one of the safehouses, I believe it was the finale, there was no ammo, weapons, or health packs. In fact, nothing was in the room: it was just a big, gray, empty room, with nothing but the door. But don't let that stop you from giving this map a shot, it's well worth your time ;)

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