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  • EshmawyMan

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    I enjoyed, thank you.

    I finished your campaign, playing it for the first time, in Expert Single Player in like 3 hours & 4 Restarts. You can check my game play through this YouTube playlist that consists of 4 videos, a video for each chapter. Check the link below:
    Copy the link above, paste it to search bar, remove \ from h\t\t\ps & c\o\m, then press Enter.
    I'd be grateful if you use my video as a guide on your map. for those who want to try this map to see how it's handled by a new campaign player even if it's played in Expert Single Player Mode.
    The game statistics are not accurate, especially in terms of hours and restarts because the game kicked me out in chapter 2 after Restarting the first chapter once and was on the second try of the second chapter. 
    Ch1: seemed long, but it was good in most ways. That minefield was a really nice touch and it was the first of its kind to be real XD and it's the reason why I restarted first chapter after I died there and 2 bots once we stepped into that area. Too many supplies that needed to be lowered in quantity although I loved it much to have pretty enough just in case any bad scenario takes place :) Loved that we could open those cupboards to find  extra supplies. I luckily encountered only 1 tank once by gate and another one close to the first block we go across. We will totally meet 2 tanks as there is one last tank confirmed by the safe room of the end of this chapter. Still, pretty enough space and supplies to fight and kick a$$e$.
    Ch2: made the campaign harder and that chapter should have been called "The Hunters Inn" because we were literally getting attacked by a hunter coming from the holes above us inside the cave so the name perfectly fits that chapter not chapter 3. That falling bridge is another nice touch that will get any new campaign player. The panic event was annoying, but managed to do it and pass it on both attempts. A long chapter with 3 panic events as the last panic event is right before safe room when "Here they come" message shows up for no reason. But still enough supplies to handle it. The gas inside that room or on the way was fatal and I restarted the 2nd chapter for that gas on the way as I didn't know that it was fast to kill that way. I luckily noticed the valve there in front of us and did it, but yes, requires high HP percentage to handle the HP loss while crossing. The music played while corpses are dancing made me laugh hard and it's really nice touch. That music from "Dark Carnival", right? The tank stuck inside that sealed room got me twice as I thought it was just stuck due to some bug or if I move closer, it will get out and get us all so I stayed away until it died on its own by fire. The 2nd panic event of door getting opened after the valve closing area is special as we don't just open a door, but shoot those gas cans too to breakthrough the wall.
    Ch3: was harder in way for we move into swamps while it's raining and zombies almost never stopped as we were easily seen every few meters we walk. The game didn't encounter a bug like the bug other players reported that we get kicked off the game when we move closer to that light post. The game was just pausing and resuming on its own, which was annoying. Entering a house, the first panic event started, but no idea why. Afterwards, that laser line looked like a trigger to me that I thought to be a bomb exploding so I kept pushing the bot towards it to take all damage, but it was another horde trigger so I think it was a trap if we keep running when the first panic event starts to have it doubled on us, but the minigun and that spot up there was a good spot. Yes, we lost much HP, but it was all fine. That final house we entered was like a maze and it made it longer for us to move although it was just a matter of moving to the other side, but really good job. The last panic event was and I took a bad spot, which was up there where we start it and I managed to survive and help bots be back to the former status. Many supplies worked well for us and the rest was a piece of cake as we found that bile bomb just like the 2nd chapter where we could get more than 1 bile bomb from 1 spawned bile bomb and it was all fine. That smoker spawning from a tree was the same as smoker spawning by over the tree in ch2 right before entering the cave :) Nice one. 
    Ch4 / Finale: was one of the longest finales because of the long way we have to go through until we reach the finale area. I restarted it once because of that area where lights are off and once we moved close to that elevator, which is supposed to take us back up to ground, hordes were startled and it was a hard fight for me to do it all alone, and I even died after I went up the elevator as I was with only 1 bot revived with defibrillator. Again, like 3 panic events are there on that finale besides the finale itself as the first one is the moving platform that we start after we leave safe room so we all know where to camp until it comes :) The second one is the one I mentioned above where all bots died and I partially survived, but died in the end. The 3rd is that one when we open that door of that military facility after elevator as hordes will come again from outside and from behind. However, I can say this finale is one of the easiest finales because of the space we got to fight, enough supplies and ammo pile next to minigun, which is really good. We still got some intense tank fights, especially the first tank fight. Zombies rarely came from sides, but it was all handled. 
    I loved your map and it was just pausing sometimes like freezing, which was really annoying plus getting kicked off game so I give 4/5 stars. Thank you and please keep it up.

    Edited: February 2023

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