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    - Custom map is error free! No missing models or textures.
    - The different game play style is unique, it's fun to play not knowing where the control point is going to be each round.
    - Team play/spawn seemed fairly fair, no game ruining advantages.
    - The map is pretty well detailed; I was impressed.
    - The lighting compliments the map so well, whether you're inside or out the lighting looks surreal. 
    - Ammo and Health drops were spread out, locations were fair.


    - It can be a bit confusing to understand how the map works if you never played territory control before. 
    - Displacement could have been a bit smoother.
    - Some minor lag spikes in certain areas. 


    - What an awesome map, I mean honestly the map feels refreshing to play. It reminds me of the old Crash Bandicoot games I used to play on PS1 and PS2, with the custom textures and models. Team play is very fair, and I found that surprising in a map where the control point changes from round to round; I mean that could be the only con if you don't like a challenge. Overall, I would totally recommend this map to everyone, there's no way you wouldn't enjoy playing this map unless you have a lower end computer or just can't take the time to enjoy something a little different. 

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Version 2.0 Beta

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    Get ready for a showdown in the Old West! This is a payload race map that will have players dodging through an abandoned town to see who can get their cart to the bank first! Made by one of our up-and-coming crewmembers.



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