Dead Street 13(L4D2)

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    Playable but also confusing at some locations

    First of all, in order to play this campaign without error, the "Burning Night" campaign needs to be disabled in "add on menu", because map 2 conflicts with "Burning Night" campaign due to same map filename. Due to the similar name, I checked the other two campaigns with similar names (Dead Street & Dead St) to see if this was a duplicate or not, but I found out that this one was totally a different campaign.
    This campaign is long but also frustrating at some areas. I'll explain & give some clues later to solve the most frustrating location. The supplies are enough, & there are good weapons in the beginning of the campaign. Bot navigation is not bad in overalls, but it's bugged on certain location. One of the locations is inside the ruined mall. When survivors have to cross the wooden planks & jump to the other side, the bots can't jump. Players either have to teleport the bots or let them teleport by themselves after players go further from that bugged location.
    Then, the second & main problem is the directions & guides. This campaign lacks directions, & the highlights only glow at close distance. Sometimes players need to look around to see the paths, & sometimes break some boxes. The most frustrating location due to lack of guides & directions is the finale. The finale is short but frustrating. I tried twice in order to figure out where to go, only found the switches in the 2nd try. Because it seems unfair to those who play this campaign for the first time to experience this frustration, I'll give some clues to help ease the frustration. On the finale, after entering a building with a mounted gun, look for 2 switches. The first switch is in a room in the same floor as the mounted gun. Just search carefully in every room. The 2nd switch, which also triggers the finale event, is in the lower floor. Just follow the guide arrows to find that switch. However, the 2nd switch won't glow if the 1st switch isn't pressed yet. Then, about the rescue unit, the helipad is a trap, but also a clue. The rescue unit is not a chopper, but you can find it near the helipad. Just focus your exploration at that area, or you can also defend there although it's kind of risky because there's a forklift that can easily flies when smashed by a tank.
    So, in overalls, what makes this campaign difficult is the lack of directions, especially the finale. Even the rescue unit is not highlighted, so that makes it harder to find out where to go. It's playable with bots though, except at certain areas. If only the finale were clear with highlights & guides, I would give 4 stars, because I could enjoy the play & solve the paths...until the final frustration arrived. I hope that this review would help much in overcoming the frustration, especially on the finale.
    • The finale was extremely easy, maybe because I played this in the original L4D game, but as long as you search the rooms for supplies you will find the first switch immediately in the finale

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