Fall Guys as Common Infected

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    These are the zombies but they are from Fall Guys I like it but it does not work for left 4 dead 2 pirate only works for left 4 dead 2 original and this page is English not Spanish
    • you'll have another mod similar to the common infected ones, because I tried a mod that also worked only on the pirate, but then the mod worked normal on steam

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Fall Guys Zombies...

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Mod
    Navy Medkit

    Navy skin for medkit with high definition.

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    A voice mod that replaces Nick's voice with Wesker's voice from Resident Evil 5 (DC Douglas). Created with certain allies in mind, as Wesker will refer to Coach as Chris, Ellis as Jill and Rochelle as Sheva. It's a little out of characte...

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