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How to Configure Toggles in "Merciless Survivor Bots" Mod

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This time, I would like to give you some guides about how to configure toggle features in one of my bot mods, " Merciless Survivor Bots ". The toggle features are located in L4D2 game folder in "......\left4dead2\ems\mercilessbots\mercilesscfg". For people who use this bot mod for the first time, they might feel confused about how these toggle features works. Although there are some info in the toggle files that explain how each toggle works, but it's located far below so it can be missed from checking. So, in this guide, I'll help you figure out how they work & how to configure them.
Ok, let's start from "mercilesstoggles.txt" files. There are 3 "mercilesstoggles.txt" files:
mercilesstoggles.txt mercilesstoggles2.txt mercilesstoggles3.txt
Here are the contents of one of the files:
The picture above is how the toggles inside the file look like. The texts represent the names of the toggles, while the number is the value. Let's narrow it down:
The value is changeable, in which you can change it based as  what you like. However, every toggle has its own max & min number that can give various effects, while the texts are case-sensitive that you should not rename or they won't work as intended. The descriptions of effects of each toggle can be read on "Toggle Setting Info" when you scroll this toggle file down. The descriptions will look like this:
Let's proceed to "BotDetectionRange" toggle.
What I marked with blue rectangle-shaped box is the description of "BotDetectionRange" toggle, while that with yellow irregular polygon-shaped box is the description of the value no. 3. The set of available numbers for the value is that on the description. If you set a number that's not listed there, the toggle won't show any effect. Let's make some examples:
BotDetectionRange 3 <=== (Correct config, & the value no. 3 will take effect) BotDetectionRange 10 <=== (Incorrect config, & it won't give any effect) Bot Detection Range 3 <=== (Incorrect config, no effect. You shouldn't modify the toggle name)
After configuring the values of toggles you wish to change, save the file.
There are some "Notes" on the bottom of this file that you need to read. Those notes will help guide you how to do next in order to make the saved toggles take effects.
Well, that's all about how to configure "mercilesstoggles.txt" files. Now, let's proceed to other config files. There are other toggle files available besides those 3:
- bot chat commands.txt - buy menu chat commands.txt - list of normal chat commands.txt - list of op chat commands.txt adrenalineslottoggles.txt ammoforguncollectors.txt grenadiertoggles.txt gunswitchtoggles.txt medicslottoggles.txt
Let's narrow them down to the last 5 first:
adrenalineslottoggles.txt (PillSlotItemSwitch toggle) ammoforguncollectors.txt (GunCollectors toggle) grenadiertoggles.txt (GrenadierMode toggle) gunswitchtoggles.txt (GunCollectors toggle) medicslottoggles.txt (MedicSlotItemSwitch toggle)
These 5 toggles only work as checkpoints/ save files for certain toggles in the brackets. The save files contain toggles of which values will be loaded on the next round. If you use either one or some of those toggles, the config files connected to them. Let's see what's inside of one of the cfg files:
The image above is what's inside the "grenadiertoggles.txt" file that becomes the save file/ virtual inventory for "GrenadierMode" toggle. The texts there work as the save points for the named survivors. For example, the toggle "MolotovZoey 3" tells that Zoey currently has 3 molotov grenades stocked in the virtual inventory, & if she doesn't use them till the end of the round, the values will be loaded to the next round so that Zoey will still have 3 molotov grenades on the next round. Modifying this file during play has no effect as this file is automatically updated each time a survivor picks an item, reloads or closes a saferoom door.
In short, these 5 cfg files can't be modified as they're updated automatically when you use toggles correlated with them, so you can leave them alone.
Next ones are the four of the previous list above:
- bot chat commands.txt - buy menu chat commands.txt - list of normal chat commands.txt - list of op chat commands.txt
These four are not cfg files, but normal text files instead. They contains the list of chat commands, a feature other than toggles. This feature can be used simply by writing the chat command in the chat box during play.
Let's see what's inside one of the text files, the "- list of op chat commands.txt"
As you can see, what's inside this file is a table with the list of available chat commands along with the effects. This file is updated automatically on each round & when there are new available chat commands. About the "OP chat commands", they are special chat commands that are available only if "EnableOPChatCommand" toggle is set to 1. These chat commands can't be used if "EnableOPChatCommands" is set to 0.
If you want to check chat commands that are available for public, you can check these three files:
- bot chat commands.txt - buy menu chat commands.txt - list of normal chat commands.txt
Let's see one of them for an example:
This "- bot chat commands.txt" file contains the list of available chat commands to order bots along with the effects. I don't need to give further guides, as you can directly read the descriptions to understand how the effects work.
Now, let's proceed to new config files that I recently added to "Merciless Survivor Bots". The new cfg files are located inside this folder I highlighted:
When you use this mod for the first time, that folder will be created along with the cfg files inside. The cfg file inside "specific cfg" folder are:
acid evasion cfg.txt bot headshot rate.txt cvar cfg (only cvar with value).txt miscellaneous cfg.txt
Let's start from "acid evasion cfg.txt"
For those who don't know what "Acid Evasion" yet, "Acid Evasion" is bot's ability to detect & run away from Spitter acid when the acid lands on the ground. Normally, the default vanilla bots will not be able to detect, & when they detect, it's already too late as they have already taken damage from acid. But with this "Acid Evasion" ability, bots can detect acid right when acid drops to the ground & then immediately run away. With this ability, you won't have to worry about bots when acid lands on where you're standing, as bots could even notice the acid & run away much earlier than you.
This cfg file has the same mechanisms as "mercilesstoggles.txt" files, in which you only need to save the cfg file & then reload your gun to make the settings take effects. Let me explain each toggle in more details, in case if those short descriptions in the cfg file are still difficult to understand.
1. EvasionTimer
This toggle controls how long bots will run away from acid. The value is counted in second, in which if you set the value to 3, bots will keep running away for 3 seconds. There's no limitation in setting the value, as you can even set it to 99 or like 600. But, you'll get a problem if you set this value too high, like, bots will leave you really far far behind. So, it's better to set the value lower than 5 for the best result. However, you can't set this value higher than the value on "StandbyTimer" toggle.
2. StandbyTimer
This one controls how long bots will go into standby mode after running away from acid. The value is also counted in second. Standby mode will force bots to stand still in one place. This value shouldn't be set too high either, as bots won't move from their position if you set the value too high. And one more, the value can't be lower than "EvasionTimer", or it will cause unwanted errors/ bugs. More explanations can be found on "Notes" inside the cfg file.
Let's go to the next one, "bot headshot rate.txt"
This cfg file controls bot's headshot chance. As described on the setting info, it's not a real headshot but a headshot damage instead, so although the kill is detected as headshot kill, the headshot rate shown on the statistics after the end of the finale might not be affected. The value can be set freely, but limited only from 0 to 100. Value higher than 100 will be detected as 100. Other explanations in the cfg file are clear enough, so, I don't need to explain further, I think.
Next, let's move fast to "miscellaneous cfg.txt".
As you can see on the picture, currently there are 2 toggles,  "PrimaryGunsOnClosetRescue" & "PrimaryGunsOnFirstStage".
1. PushbackWhenShoving
This one control survivor's ability to give a pushback effect on a shoved survivor. Normally, when shoved other survivor, that survivor will stand still. When this toggle is enabled, the shoved survivor will stumble to where the shove direction. You can use this to shove a bot when the bots is too lazy to enter a saferoom or rescue vehicle/ chopper.
2. PrimaryGunsOnFirstStage
As described on the setting info, this toggle controls whether survivors get random primary weapons on first stage or not. Normally, when playing on any modes except certain mutation modes, survivors only get a pistol each, on the first stage. With this toggle, you can make survivors get primary weapon very early in game & you can control what tier of primary weapon is given, just as described on the setting info. This toggle may not be affected by mutation modes that don't give primary weapons, but this will fail to work on mutation modes with primary weapons on early game, like the m60 from "Gibs Fest" mutation.
Ok, now for the last toggle left, "cvar cfg (only cvar with value).txt"
This cfg file is a place to add cvar commands that you wish to use, without having to set "sv_cheats" to 1. You can customize your own cvar commands here. The settings will be launched in the beginning of each round, or when you type a chat command "update cvar config". This file is generated when starting a map using this mod for the first time. if this file is deleted by accident, you only need to start a new map, & a new file will be generated. If you want to disable this config file in case if you already have another mod with similar functions, just leave the content blank without any cvar command in it.
NOTES: Only register cvar commands with values to avoid errors. Here are some examples:
z_tank_health 99999 <=== (Correct, & it will take effects) z tank health 99999 <=== (Incorrect, wrong cvar command, it'll cause errors) noclip (Incorrect, not a value-type cvar) give rifle (Incorrect, it's a string-type cvar, not a value-type one)


Well, I think that's all about how to configure the toggle features on "Merciless Survivor Bots", for now. I'll update this guide later when there are new cfg files or toggles added. I hope that this guide could help anyone having difficulty in using this mod. Have a nice day & see you again.


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