original l4d1 death sound

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og death.vpk

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  • Guide

    How to throw gas cans farther

    Do you need to throw cas gans over something but cant reach with the normal M1? then this guide is (may be) for you, this method also applies to the Coca Cola, Chompski, Propane Tanks and Fireworks. This is an easy task when your staring...

  • Mod

    All Hoxton Online Fix (Commission)

    Only Hoxton online animation fix (Commission) PAYDAY 2(2013) Payday gang. Only Hoxton Skin. Replaces all survivors L4D1(Bill, Francis, Louis, Zoey),L4D2 (Nick, Coach, Ellis, Rochelle) Skin. Credits: skin - Salad [Hoxton (Nick) v3] ski...

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    MW1 M1014 (for Benelli)

    Benelli M4 Super 90 from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare An Italian auto-regulated gas-operated semi-automatic shotgun, both beautiful and functional. Used by many military and law enforcement units; designated M1014 by U.S. Army, and ...

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    MP-155 Ultima Smart Shotgun (SPAS-12) v2

    MP-155 Ultima Smart Shotgun (SPAS-12) v2 Baikal MP-155 Ultima smart shotgun, first model - 12 gauge semi-automatic Shotgun skin. Left 4 Dead 2 Franchi SPAS-12 Combat Shotgun replacement skin. scripts More add hud icon - syahmi2...

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    Old-Classic Pills

    The Original Pills was found it ago from L4D1 Files, Because The Last Stand Pills is a version, and then the pills texture is low or medium. That's why, right? Credits: Valve - Original Pills from L4D1 Files Julius - Replace the P...

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