Only BA Amau Ako RNG Zoey (request)

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  • l4dkk



    碧蓝档案 - 天雨亚子 同时RNG(Rochelle)- Blue Archive - Amau Ako RNG (rochelle) v3

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only ba amau ako ...

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Mod
    SG552 modified script(its more for LMGs just to...

    This is SG552 modified script(its for LMGs more) Ok now to stats of this weapon Recoil is slightly higher then Vanilla SG552(obviously its based of LMGs)-1.2 it is Weapon player speed aka survivor speed-215(i think vanilla one is 240)...

    • New
  • Map
    Blue Heaven

    It's very blue. This is the antidote to the map called ORANGE HELL. This map is blue and grey all over, very dull to look at, is long, boring, nothing exciting to do or see. I'd play ORANGE HELL if I were you, that is short, exciting ...

    • Updated
  • Guide
    How to Configure Toggles in "Merciless Survivor...

    This time, I would like to give you some guides about how to configure toggle features in one of my bot mods, " Merciless Survivor Bots ". The toggle features are located in L4D2 game folder in "......\left4dead2\ems\mercilessbots\mercil...



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