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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Mod
    Silenced smg(mac10)modified weapon script

    Silenced SMG(MAC10) weapon script now we are going straight to stats that are changed so to make easier for all of you This weapon is like FHR40(call of duty advanced warfare) and P90 Silenced Recoil is reduced when you compare it to...

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  • Mod
    Black ARX-160 (M16A2)

    Black ARX-160 (M16A2) Call of Duty: Ghosts (2013) Beretta ARX-160 Black - 5.56x45mm NATO Rifle Skin Left 4 Dead 2 M16A2 Assault Rifle replacement skin. scripts More add hud icon - COD:GHOSTS ARX160 HUD ICON - Cele Damage inc...

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  • 3 Maps
    Left 4 Toonrun

    Survivors must escape a cartoon style world. Notes This is a campaign ported from Sven Co-op. If you never played Sven Co-op, get the free mod and try it. Although the campaign is marked as final some bug fixes may still occur. The...

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  • Guide
    Custom audio scripts

    Custom audio script override Ever feel tired of the monotonic of L4D2's gunfire ? By default there is no variant or modulation of the gunfire sound, and the game doesn't allow you to modify the sound scripts, but if you mount a new folde...