Survivor Legs script (Modified version)

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Survivor Legs Scr...

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Mod
    Turret Mod

    Add an automatic turret (replaces m60) take the m60 and left click to put it, "E" to take it

    • New
  • Mod
    Advanced Bot AI

    What this mod does is improve the behavior of the bots I could say that even better than left 4 bots, a summary of what the bots do. Resume: Bots can take melee weapons, this one will see it better than the pistol, so taking the melee w...

  • Mod
    Deployable Laser Pack

    English: Adds a deployable laser pack that you can take wherever and whenever you want to place it, with left click you can put it on and use it to add laser sights to your weapon. This appears anywhere on the map (does not work in expa...

  • Mod
    [ARKNIGHTS] Lappland : Refined Horrormare (Roch...

    This is Lappland from Arknights wearing her Refined Horrormare Costume on Rochelle and Zoey. She is coming with everything that Twenty Doge imported such as; Zoey's Animation, Facial Animations and Jigglebones. I changed her VGUI Icons (...

  • Guide
    como colocarse en tercera persona facil y rapido

    para colocarse en tercera persona primero coloquen la consola en el juego si no saben activar la consola pueden descargarse este mod copien y peguen en su navegado este mod xd despu├ęs de instalar el ...



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