CODMW Vector SD Black v3 (Suppressed SMG)

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CODMW Vector SD B...

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Map
    Blue Heaven

    It's very blue. This is the antidote to the map called ORANGE HELL. This map is blue and grey all over, very dull to look at, is long, boring, nothing exciting to do or see. I'd play ORANGE HELL if I were you, that is short, exciting ...

  • Guide
    How to "jointeam" in l4d2

    In versus singleplayer (offline), there's a secret cheats or hack that I wanted to share with. It's "jointeam". The "jointeam" allow you to choose which team you wanted to play. Types of "jointeam": "There are 3 type of jointeam" -"jo...

  • Mod
    Panzershreck (反坦克) replaces grenade launcher...

    Panzerschreck was the popular name for the Raketenpanzerbüchse 54, an 88 mm reusable anti-tank rocket launcher developed by **** Germany in World War II. Another earlier, official name was Ofenrohr. Chinese name: 反坦克 Fǎn tǎnkè ...

    • New
  • Mod
    Only Helga CSO Alternate Skin Zoey (request)

    Only Helga CSO Alternate Skin Zoey (request) Counter-Strike Online 2 [2013] counterterrorist Helga Alternate Skin. Replaces all survivors L4D1(bill,francis,louis,zoey),L4D2 (nick,coach,ellis,rochelle) Skin. Zoey voice support works...



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