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  • Weapon Skins (NO MELEE SKINS) - 4 to select from
  • Huds - 3 to select from
  • Character Models - 2 to select from
  • Maps - 6 to use
  • Velocity Meter (in hud section)
  • Medkit Skin
  • Pain Pills Skins
  • Adrenaline Skin

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L4D2 PC - no mods...

(1.1 GB)

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Version 1.1 Final

  • Mod
    Grafitis Traducidos al ESPAÑOL (Version Alfa)
    Beta N/A

    Este mod traduce alrededor de 55 archivos de Grafitis de las Campañas Oficiales, al ESPAÑOL. Agregando grafitis oficiales dentro de los archivos del juego sin usar, sin reemplazar los que ya vienen por defecto.(Hay una probabilidad del ...

  • 5 Maps
    City of the Dead Redux (L4D2 Version)

    City of the Dead Redux is a remake of City of the Dead originally released back in 2016, from the ground up. It incorporates the same general ideas of the original, while improving upon them. The Survivors must make their way thr...

  • 3 Maps
    The Sacrifice - But Everybody Survives

    The Sacrifice campaign identical to the original, but this time nobody has to die and the 4 survivors can escape together. This does NOT modify the original The Sacrifice campaign you will find no changes to the original. This is a s...

    • New