Vertical HUD with Lower Sidepanel by l4dkk (request)

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  • l4dkk


  • Entosei

    Vertical HUD with Lower Sidepanel v2

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v hud lower sp1.vpk

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Version 1.0 Complete

  • Mod
    EDM House Music Pack
    Beta N/A

    Sorry I Not A Fans For Anime, And this what i got, this mod work fine with replace zombie And character Sound, but when work with ai mod might not work as expected, I try discover more songs and replace it. That is what can i do. Also...

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    download from steam l4d2 pirate

    go to steamwo rkshopdownlo ad er . io, i do spaces because gamemaps ban links go to your favourite mod and install the mod on addons copy link and paste it in steam workshop downloader thats all so GO TO STEAM WORKSHOP

  • 7 Maps
    Dr. Malroy's Absolution

    The doctor escaped his lab by the skin of his teeth, but not without paying a heavy price. He's now headed to the Alpine mountains, to a research center he shares with his former apprentice Dr. Geiler. Here he hopes to reverse the affect...

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  • Mod
    Polt (Nick)

    Kobold Polt From Monster Musume replaces Nick. Rejected commission work. From now on I will enforce "pay up front" commission. If you don't trust me enough, don't pay, then I won't waste time for it.

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