Nazi Zombie Survivors

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  • ghosthunter

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    -nice looking mod
    -brings back memories
    -iconic characters


    -In persoal preference, nikolai should replace coach, richtofen replace ellis and dempsey should replace nick.
    -the models used seem to look like the old model ports made by half-dead because dempseys head is rounder and his head is originally squared shaped because half-dead messed up on the models rig into the source engine


    overall, good mod, something for the NZ fans though there are a few things that should be updates and changed though i doug that since the modder just moves on to the next mod after a few patches.
    something i hope that'll happen in the future for NZ mods are sound packs for the survivors, the characters replace someone so they match like what i stated in the cons, and i hope we'll eventually get the WWI/origins looks from BO2 for l4d2, i would love to have WWI nikolai for coach and WWI dempsey for bill

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