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  • Tarjar3

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    - Model that isn't Eppaljeck and Friends
    - Holds weapons (surprisingly) well
    - Changes Icons, Name, Incap Image, and First Person Arms


    - No facial expressions or voice, but this problem is probably not fixable (-0)
    - Outside or in a room with a lot of light, the texture becomes a neon pink with purple Tron-like stripes, along with the First Person arms (-2)
    - Special Infected clip into the model like hell (-1.5)
    - WAY too big (-1)
    - Pills, Adrenaline, Pipebombs, etc. clip into the model (-0.5)


    The model has a huge problem with clipping. Though I have to give you credit for using this model instead of the Eppaljeck styled model, this wouldn't be worthy of a download for me.

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