Klassic Kitana (Zoey)

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Version 2.0 Complete

  • Guide
    download from steam l4d2 pirate

    go to steamwo rkshopdownlo ad er . io, i do spaces because gamemaps ban links go to your favourite mod and install the mod on addons copy link and paste it in steam workshop downloader thats all so GO TO STEAM WORKSHOP

  • Mod
    Deployable Ammo Pack Reborn

    English: Adds a deployable ammo pack that you can take wherever and whenever you want to place it, with left click you can place it and use it to replenish your weapons ammunition. This appears anywhere on the map (does not work in expa...

  • Mod
    Item Drop Bonus

    Well, just as the title said, this mod allows survivors to get items when killing special infected, tank & witch. This feature is actually available on Enhanced Angry Vanilla Bots, but I decided to make this as a new mod instead in case ...

    • Updated
  • Map
    Mellow Manor [Updated]
    Beta N/A

    Redone Map | All foundations have an end... | Works for Scavenge atm :D Still working on Survival and the custom weapon that was originally on the map | I have redid the map because the map was trash and it needed a revamp. The original ...

    • New