AK-74 Folding Stock

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    - Very nice, beautiful and detailed model.
    - Very good textures and colors.
    - Perfect size.


    - Too much hand clipping  (3rd person view).
    - Almost no recoil animation (but i found that the AK-74 actually has very low recoil, so no points deducted).


    A very good mod for people who doesn't care that much about details in the 3rd person view.
    Due to the recoil animation people using this mod get a large advantage over people using other mods for the AK-47 in versus games.
    If you could somehow fix the hand clipping in 3rd person view it would be the perfect mod for the AK-47!

    This review was posted before the latest release.

Developers & Credits

  • Twinke Masta, Johan Santana, NightmareMutant
  • Crowbait


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ak74sf 2.vpk

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