Contagion Hunting Rifle (Scout)

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    -Nice Textures
    -Looks so REALISTIC!!!
    -The Scope is good
    -The animation of the awp in this is great!!!


    I can't see the hands of the l4d1 survivors with this. maybe a bug,but i can't see the hands (-1)


    Is a Nice rifle but have some bug's, but that's not the matter.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

    • Update: Added Louis, Francis, Zoey and Bills Survivor Arms.
    • Does your Scout use any custom scripts?
      Well anyway, you should see lines like:
      "Coach" "models/weapons/arms/v_arms_coach_new.mdl"
      Copy-paste them and change the "Coach" part to Manager, Biker, etc. and change the v_arms_coach_new.mdl part to v_arms_ louis.mdl for Manager, v_arms_francis.mdl for Biker, and... you get it.

      This comment was posted before the latest release.

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  • arby26, Doktor haus, Monochrome Games
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Version 1.1 Complete

  • 16 Maps
    Sector-74: March of the survivors

    TRAILER V1.3 TRAILER WALKTHROUGH SECTOR-74: March of the survivors 16 Level campaign made by: CR0NO SET SHADER DETAIL (in video menu options) TO MEDIUM OR HIGHER TO SEE THE SKYBOX CORRECTLY Enjoy. Special...

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    • Updated
  • Mod
    Terrortubbies survivors

    This is a reskin of the survivors (both optional for l4d1 and l4d2 survivors with name changes) From a slender and slendytubbies parody ''Thomas the slender engine''

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