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    - Looks way better than the original one
    - Has all 8 survivors on it
    - Love the dark "atmosphere"


    - "Left 4 Dead" would look way better. It doesn't matter that the poster has 8 characters, the game is still called L4D (or else it wouldn't make sense calling The Passing a L4D map, since 7 (8 with dead Bill) survivors appear on it. LFD2? Nah). (-1)
    - Zoey looks a bit weird. Her face on this poster doesn't look like the one she has in-game (-0.3)


    Great poster that I'm definetely using. If could at least change the LFD to L4D, I'd give it a solid 10, as I'm not sure if you can "fix" Zoey's face. 

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    Baka 2 - 「Purely Torture Hell」

    The follow up of my very first map on l4d2 It's a really terrible trolling map dont play it This map literally took me almost 300 hours (half of it used for afk wtf) to finish this so please play to the end with your friend if you c...

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