Reviews for 洞穴之旅:整合 (cave tour mix)

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      A very repetitive series of maps. A whole 25 chapters of 'em too. I forgot to check how long it took me to play, but I'm pretty sure it was certainly over 3 hours(!) Each map usually follows a formula of sorts where you go through your typical L4D experience with LOTS of witches and quite a few tanks as well per map (for the most part,) as well as light-hearted trolling you'd come to expect. This campaign is pretty much unplayable with bots as the navmesh greatly varies in quality but on some maps it's just undoable. There are some creative ideas from time to time, but ultimately not a campaign that I'd spend a night with friends on, it's just way too long, quality over quantity, as they say. A game limitation is that you can only select up to chapter 15 from the menu, so you'll have to use map change commands to select any further chapters. Some maps suffer from that bug where if you or anyone else dies, they teleport to the end of the map, skipping it entirely, but not all maps have this issue. For some reason the finale kept crashing on me so i wasn't able to experience the ending, but from what I experienced it was a somewhat fun obstacle course. Yeah.. I'd say pass this one, sorry I was just drained after only a few maps.

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