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    • luubinh109

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      hardcore map

      creative map but:
      Chapter 2 parkour part make me wanna kill my self
      Chapter 3 the survivor they shoot very hurt even play on normal and parkour part AGAIN, if you don't careful you die 😫
      Recommend addon server to help your life a bit easyer
    • ErrorUnknownGT

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      Campaign had potential but unfortunately, terrible balance on chapter 3 just ruined the whole experience for me. But we'll get to that, let's start with chapter 1. Despite the poster claiming it's a "small map" it is anything but, because it took me well over and hour to finish, which was over double your typical L4D campaign so... quite strange. The campaign I'll say; is very creative and the author was definitely thinking outside the box when they made this. It doesn't follow the traditional L4D formula... at all really, so it's a pretty unique experience.
      Anyways chapter 1 is moderately difficult. There's a lot of different paths to take, as the map is quite non-linear, thankfully, there's plenty of director hints so you theoretically shouldn't be getting stuck, but expect to get lost. You have to complete a cola delivery missions and then another transport mission whilst there's an infinite horde, that's what the challenge is here. Be careful at the end of the chapter, if you aren't paying attention after the teleporter sequence, you can easily die and have to do the entire chapter all over again, which is pretty brutal.
      Chapter 2 is also a pretty creative one overall, a very "trippy" experience for sure, you climb trees... navigate a maze... Have a fun holdout section, do a short, but rather annoying parkour section.. (can't imagine doing this on some dedicated servers.) Yeah it's pretty fun.
      Chapter 3 is where it all falls apart. Shortly after leaving the saferoom, you will be shot by NPCs, but the problem is; you have little to no cover and they do a RIDICULOUSLY large amount of damage, doesn't matter what difficulty you are playing on, pretty terrible and frustrating. The ending to the chapter is just a pretty simple gauntlet, but man it's pretty tough alright, you'll need some competent players for this one.
      So yeah all you need to do to fix this really is reduce the amount of damage the soldiers deal and it instantly gets rated higher in my books, but yeah that was a pretty dumb idea to have their damage output that high in my opinion. Otherwise, a pretty competent and unique campaign.

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