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    • RaphasTesha

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      Worse Dark carnival with snow

      chap 1 remove the water which is cool
      chap 3 I pushed the button but it did not stop zombie from coming so we rush to the saferoom
      chap 4 more medkit in the room with the button that open the gate
      chap 5 the stage is burning, tank camp the choper. After get in the heli the stage explode but I still see us fall under the chopter(not tele to saferoom)
      yeah it's Dark carnival with snow and alot of sound conflict for SI and saderoom because this map use its own custom sound
      has its asthetic but not enough to save this map from buggy custom sounds
    • ErrorUnknownGT

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      Nice facelift for Dark Carnival, it doesn't stay completely true to the original, and includes its own aesthetics here and there, but it's a fun way to play. There are very minor gameplay changes; You can't access the sniper towers on the finale, and the water on chapter 1 is gone.

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