Reviews for Orange (Survival & Scavenge)

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    • Marcusyaho

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      Huge map
      Navigation is working fine
      Very detaild map
      Survival and scavenge
      Good skybox and lightning


      Soundscapes seems to be messed up - inside playes outside etc
      A couple of more supplies maybe. Like weapon upgrades?
      Neutral opinions (does not remove alot of points)
      Music is pretty nice but how did it start?
      Can't get up to the chopper :(
      Maybe a couple of more physic props for the tanks?
      Many open areas - not much of a challange


      A pretty good, detaild map. Its not a huge challange but its pretty fun to explore all the areas.
      Not many problems with it really. But I would like to see a few things fixed/added

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