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    • TheBillSupremacy

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      This mod has 20% cooler textures than the original.
      Consistently awesome as always.
      There's a severe lack of good silenced SMG retextures out there - here's the cure.
      Rainbow Dash.
      It was made for me.


      Literally nothing. Nope, nothing, zilch, zero.


      A huge thank you for creating this, finally something I can use to replace the old silenced SMG. It's rare that someone you don't know will make you something for free, just like that because you requested it - and to have something made for me is really quite the honour. Of course, the fact this was made by my request aside, this is obviously another absolutely brillaint texture, that keeps with the consistent tone throughout Xolarinf's mods that has been of A+ grade quality throughout. Great job!

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