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Top 10 Useful Console In L4D2

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Left 4 Dead 2 Guide

Ok watch this video

This has a useful console YOU CAN COPY THIS cl_crosshair_dynamic 0 net_graph 4 openserverbrowser cl_viewmodelfovsurvivor 180 bind f10 disconnect mat_monitorgamma_tv_enabled 1 voice_loopback 1 cl_glow_ghost_infected_g 1; cl_glow_ghost_infected_r 1 mm_dedicated_search_maxping 50 voice_show_mute voice_mute x bind b "say (\__/); wait 250; say (='.'=); wait 250; say ('')_('')" ● Default settings and unbinds: cl_crosshair_dynamic 1 net_graph 0 cl_viewmodelfovsurvivor 51 unbind f10 mat_monitorgamma_tv_enabled 0 voice_loopback 0 cl_glow_ghost_infected_g 0.4; cl_glow_ghost_infected_r 0.3 mm_dedicated_search_maxping 150 unbind b ● My network settings: cl_cmdrate 100 cl_updaterate 100 cl_interp 0.0667 cl_interp_ratio 1 cl_lagcompensation 1 rate 30000 ● My crosshair: cl_colorblind 1 cl_crosshair_alpha 255 cl_crosshair_dynamic 0 cl_crosshair_thickness 1 cl_crosshair_blue 220 cl_crosshair_green 182 cl_crosshair_red 138

Just one copy you don't need copy all



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