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  • Tank poop takes 1 point of health per touch.


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    Oh boy, another goanna campaign. I've noticed goanna seems to feature a lot of bodily fluid references in his campaigns, typically of the anal variety.... Anyways, this goanna campaign features primarily tanks, although on one of the chapters, it was either 2 or 3 I forgot, there's a bunch of witches on a bridge. This campaign provides a good challenge whilst also being fair to the survivors, as you get tier 2 weapons immediately on chapter 1, and there'll be lots of weapons to choose from in the saferooms alongside lasers.
    (The following issues have been addressed, cheers goanna!) Only issues I encountered were on the finale. It seems that if a horde spawns, they can actually break down the locked door that requires some prerequisites to unlock, which is what happened to me, which in turn makes it so you don't have to do anything to start the finale lol. Also the hitbox of the rescue vehicle remains present at all times, maybe that's why I thought that some of my shots were not landing on the finale.
    Not a bad campaign, good to kill about 30-45 minutes.

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