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Barricade Script

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Left 4 Dead 2 Guide

Barricade Script

Keep in mind though, the simplest way around this is to go to the L4D2 menu and open console and write sv_cheats 1.
After that write every items from below in your console and press enter. Then when you finish select a map enter and press the button you selected and enjoy. (p.s: you can replace my numbers and put what you want)

bind "1" "prop_dynamic_create props_fortifications\concrete_barrier001_128_reference.mdl"
bind "2" "prop_dynamic_create props_crates\static_crate_40.mdl"
bind "3" "prop_dynamic_create props_doors\shackwall01.mdl"
bind "4" "prop_dynamic_create props_fortifications\barricade001_128_reference.mdl"
bind "7" "prop_dynamic_create props_swamp\ferry.mdl"
bind "6" "prop_dynamic_create props_exteriors\wood_stairs_120.mdl"
bind "5" "prop_dynamic_create props_urban\fence_cover001_128.mdl"
bind "8" "prop_dynamic_create props_vehicles\army_truck.mdl"
bind "9" "give gnome"
bind "mouse3" "noclip"
bind "b" "ent_rotate +22.5"
bind "n" "ent_rotate -22.5"
bind "z" "ent_remove"
bind "0" "give pain_pills;give katana;give rifle_m60;give sniper_military;give shotgun_spas;give defibrillator;give pipe_bomb;give molotov;give gascan;give upgradepack_explosive;give upgradepack_incendiary;give first_aid_kit;give smg_silenced;upgrade_add LASER_SIGHT"
bind "v" "+zoom"
bind f1 "z_spawn zombie;z_spawn zombie;z_spawn zombie;z_spawn zombie;z_spawn zombie;z_spawn zombie;z_spawn zombie;z_spawn zombie;z_spawn zombie;z_spawn zombie;"
bind f2 "z_spawn tank"
bind f3 "z_spawn witch"
bind f4 "director_panic_forever 1; director_force_panic_event; z_common_limit 150; z_spawn mobadrenaline_duration 15.0f"
bind f5 "give adrenaline;give adrenaline;give pain_pills;give pain_pills;give first_aid_kit;give first_aid_kit;give upgradepack_incendiary;give upgradepack_explosive;give defibrillator"
bind f6 "give pipe_bomb;give molotov;give gascan;give vomitjar"
bind f8 "give rifle_m60;upgrade_add LASER_SIGHT;give sniper_military;upgrade_add LASER_SIGHT;give shotgun_spas;give rifle_ak47;upgrade_add LASER_SIGHT;give rifle_desert;upgrade_add LASER_SIGHT;give smg_silenced;upgrade_add LASER_SIGHT"
bind f7 "give machete;give frying_pan;give crowbar;give fireaxegive;give katana"
bind f12 "sv_cheats 0;sv_cheats 1"


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