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How to "jointeam" in l4d2

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Left 4 Dead 2 Guide

In versus singleplayer (offline), there's a secret cheats or hack that I wanted to share with. It's "jointeam".
The "jointeam" allow you to choose which team you wanted to play.

Types of "jointeam":
"There are 3 type of jointeam"

-"jointeam 1" doesn't allowed you to play every role instead you are watching infected and survivor fighting 

-"jointeam 2" allowed you to play with survivor.

-"jointeam 3" allowed you to play with infected.

"The jointeam is unlimited for used. Not like when you press "M" on keyboard it only allows you one time".

Use sv_cheats 1 to active the "jointeam".


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