Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
Better ways to kill the Tank. (New!!!!)
Fixed something here so you now understand what i actually meant. PREPARE TO READ!!!

1. Sacrifical Attack (Melee)
Yep.... Using a Melee weapon.... If you had a melee weapon on your side and atleast spotted a Tank, Equip the melee weapon and make sure the Tank is chasing the survivors and then, run to his back and slash it as many as you want while it lasted. Or atleast slash his back and immediately go backwards and jump. Make sure your not infront of some pretty long wedge (For ex. the seats from the Concert) so you might go further if you were hit by the tank. Use a primary weapon and shoot the Tank while going near. Once your near enough, use the melee weapon and do the same thing. This will decrease the Tank's health and increases the chance of beating it. If you ACTUALLY don't want to get incapacitated, then keep doing the same thing until your health reaches barely a half health left.

2. Sacrifical Attack (Fire)
Same thing but you will need the Tank chasing you, you also need a molotov and atleast a corner so you wont move elsewhere when you got hit by the tank. When the Tank chases you, quickly go to the corner and immediately throw the molotov onto the ground when the Tank is near enough. The Tank won't care if he is burning. He only wants you to attack right until he incaps you And while he's still attacking you, and while burning in a middle of a fire radius, the other survivors will keep shooting the Tank. That way, the Tank will still be burning if he gets out of the fire radius with pretty much a decreasing health. But the Survivors can't revive you until the fire passes out.

The Tank's health is pretty much only 4000HP on Normal so he's health is only 4 Times the Witch's Health. So rifles should not that bad. But players already noticed this so i didn't put "3. ???". Hope you find my 2 ways helpful and sacrificing..... Don't forget to leave a comment and enjoy! If you can....
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Ishigaki-san December 2016
just "SHOOT THE TANK!!", but I will try that 2 new ways. :3
RodriKillah October 2016
fingeriteloo October 2016
the sacrifical fire was old fashioned way to kill tank by throwing molotov at it and then shoot it WE NEED NEW WAYS TO KILL TANK
Teeming August 2016
this really bad since it normal guide In normal, you seem more tanky than a tank itself as the he need 6hits to down you, common need ~100hits to down you, you can stay in fire for more than 30s , when other player shoot at you, you can eat a hold magazine without dying, and a big ass tank (big as a car) can die within 10s if all 4 player shoot at it a same time (even faster if there are shotgun) So unless it advance or higher, don't bother writing a guide for it, as normal only for newplayer ( it too easy) , and after they get use to the game, no one play normal anymore (except when they test some map =3= )
logan56577838 July 2016
fuck you