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    Top 4 Things about Coach

    Hey everyone! I'm back for more L4D2 Facts! This time, its about CHEEZBURGAHZ!!!! i mean, Coach! One fact has been crossed out since DarkWolf said Coach is just a father figure in the team. Fact 1 You guys might already know this BUT i...

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    Better ways to kill the Tank. (New!!!!)

    Fixed something here so you now understand what i actually meant. PREPARE TO READ!!! 1. Sacrifical Attack (Melee) Yep.... Using a Melee weapon.... If you had a melee weapon on your side and atleast spotted a Tank, Equip the melee weapon...

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    Top 5 Facts about Nick

    Here are Top 5 Facts about Nick! Enjoy! Fact 1 Everyone knows this but Nick is the most MEANEST character in the team. The reason why is that when Ellis called the helicopter a "whirly bird", Nick wants to hit Ellis so hard, Ellis' "sis...

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    Top 3 Things about Zoey

    There has been some things you didn't know about Zoey. Some of you may already know this though... Anyway, 1. Zoey doesn't love Ellis that much but she does talk like him once Yep... Looks like Zoey also pretty much a piece of mind of E...

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    Play Survival Mode in Offline

    How to play Survival Mode in Offline This is similar to the Versus Mode in offline. Pretty simple. The main thing you only need to do is to type the map <mapname> <survival> Example: - map c5m1_waterfront survival Done! You don't need ...

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    How to kill a witch easily

    You guys might have issues when you face to face with a witch. She is the hardest to deal when she is rampage. You have to run away from her, kite her whenever you can, this is not the solution forever! But first of all, you have to go t...

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    Top 5 Things about Louis in L4D1

    Here are 5 things you don't know about Louis in L4D1. 1. Louis does know other valve games which are TF2, HL, CS and i thing theres more. Including L4D2! Yep! That's right! But he doesn't seem to react when he saw the L4D2 survivors in...

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    How to Stop Special Infected Kill You

    Hunter Shove him right while he's jumping on you. Shoot him quickly while he's losing control for being shoved. It's a medium chance to survive. He can be killed easily with chainsaw if you attack him right in front of him. Boomer Hear ...

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    Left 4 Dead 2 How To Kill Tank Fast

    18:00 AK47 Tactical Shotgun Frying Pan Crowbar Gutair Axe 17:00 Combat Shotgun Baseball Bat Cricket Bat 15.00 Katana Golfclub 14.00 M60 13.75 Boomer Bile (30) Commons Knife Machete Knife Machete 13:00 13:00 11.75 Chainsaw 06.00 Chains...

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    How to get on top of the roof (Dead Center)

    Note: that the thumbnail wasn't made by me if you want to learn how to glitch to the rooftop here Dead center 1st. you must be in the janitors room 2nd. go walk forward then jump at the edge of the window then go backwards if you want...

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    How to deal overall zombies with only melee

    When you trying to deal with zombies while you on wide space, you can get a lot of hit by the zombies from behind, left and right. I suggest you to find a triangle corner, you can find every map in game. If you are now on the corner it t...

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    Survival Tips:

    When you play this game, here are some tips to know. 1. If you are playing with the AI, then if they all have Pain Pills, or the adrenaline, Take your pain pills or Adrenaline when you find more of them. So If you have Pain pills, you ...

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    How to throw gas cans farther

    Do you need to throw cas gans over something but cant reach with the normal M1? then this guide is (may be) for you, this method also applies to the Coca Cola, Chompski, Propane Tanks and Fireworks. This is an easy task when your staring...


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