Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
Super Infecteds Custom Mutation
If the normal special bots are too easy to kill and too boring, look no further! Try to make it more challenging by making them more powerful by using my custom mutation! This will require sv_cheats to be activated though... Anyway, heres a long list of commands for the custom mutation.
WARNING : it will be too hard for survivor bots to beat the super infecteds so set the sb_ max_team_melee_weapons to 100

z_speed 100
z_health 1000
z_pounce_crouch_delay 0
z_pounce_damage_delay 0
z_pounce_damage 3
z_pounce_interval 0.1
z_hunter_health 3000
z_hunter_speed 600
smoker_tongue_delay 0
tongue_cone_start_tolerance 100
tongue_choke_damage 2
tongue_choke_damage_interval 0.1
tongue_victim_speed 450
tongue_victim_accelerate 50
z_jockey_ride_damage 1
z_jockey_ride_damage_delay 0.1
z_jockey_ride_damage_interval 0.1
z_jockey_health 3250
z_jockey_speed 500
z_charge_interval 0
z_charge_impact_radius 100000
z_charge_max_damage 50
z_charge_max_speed 100
z_charger_health 5000
z_charger_pound_dmg 30
z_spit_interval 0
z_spitter_health 2500
z_spitter_speed 300
z_vomit_interval 0
z_exploding_health 1000 (health of Witch)
z_exploding_speed 250
z_tank_health 100000 (100,000)
z_tank_has_special_blood 1
z_tank_speed 300
tank_fist_radius 50

Every infected's weakness is a melee weapon. Watch out for Super Boomers though if you don't want to use melee on it. Too hard? Try to train.

bind <unbounded key> "z_spawn <any>" or "z_spawn;z_spawn;z_spawn"

Enjoy! If you can...
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mauro9523 June 2016
I like the idea that since I was looking for something challenging since I use the admin mod system and I changed some commands to make it more scary the game, for example, disable the brightness of survivors and weapons, and put extensive fog. It can also be advantages and disadvantages to give it infected, and that survivors have something besides just the melee weapons. But now I see it very interesting that I will put in the file cvars all that to the mod admin system. Well done.
DiamondOreAttacker June 2016
Thanks! Hope, everyone else that sees this enjoys it as well. How do i put som fog though?
mauro9523 June 2016
This makes more extensive fog, the same command to the mutation nightmare: fog_override 1 fog_enable 1 fog_start 242 fog_end 730 fog_startskybox -10000 fog_endskybox -10000 fog_enableskybox 1 And this to disable the brightness of survivors and objects from afar: sv_disable_glow_survivors 1 sv_disable_glow_faritems 1