Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game.
Tips to Kill the Tank fast
How to kill the tank without taking damage to survivors
Killing the tank isn't easy for you, even for newbies. So beware for them. Tank are alerted to survivors when spotted and ready to kill. So here's some little tips how to kill the tank fast without taking damage.

1. If you're teammates has a shotgun. It would been better, because that's one of the tank's weakness, able you to kill the tank easily, make sure all the pellets of the shotgun will impact / hit on the tank. Get close to the tank and hit everything you can until it died. Always reload your weapons just for saves up.

2. Throw a propanetank or other explosive objects and shoot through the tank. Tank will stumble for a while and chances for your teammates to attack without panic. Grenade launchers are useful for tank, making him to stumble for 3-4 seconds. Same as shooting boomers close to the tank is useful too.

3. Make yourself wide-area open as when you're teammates facing the tank. This is an opportunity task for survivors able to back away from tank soon when getting close.

4. Throw a molotov or gascans, Tank will suffer damage and making easy to kill it. Beware, there is possibility chance for tank attack boost when burning.

I guess that's everything I got in my mind
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Hidden1 May 2017
Here's an additional tip, for all levels you CAN outrun a tank if your HP is green or at least 40 (even pills effect). But keep in mind once a zombie hit you, you will be slowed down so try focus on cleaning zombies first then the tank. This does not apply on hard rain due to the water (unless you have adrenaline)
Johnny_Dave May 2017
Oh yea? I forgot to add those lines, anyway, thanks