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Left 4 Dead 2 Guide

Additional Tips for the Expert Players

Many people playing single player in expert is now more challenging than others. I have a little tips want to say for Expert. I tried to play Expert for the first time and it was more challenging. It's likely a Realism, but not much

Special Infected
As for special infected. The attacks on survivor is more than the other difficulties. Jockey Ride damage is 8. Zombie/horde damage is 10 per hit. Smoker Tongue damage is 20. Spitter goo damage is same damage, but multiple when staying to the goo for longer. Hunter Pounce damage is 5, but multiple damage for second and third hit. Charger Pound damage is same damage, no changes. Boomer is still the same but it will attract 30 common infected and more. What the worst special killer is the Witch and Tank. The Witch will kill you instantly. The tank can incapacitated you if you've been punch or hit by rock. The Tank pound damage is now two hits

Friendly Fire
Survivors can hit each other by weapons. But the damage is multiply now, depends on the damage of the weapon you're holding. The worst weapon that can incapacitate survivors is Grenade Launcher. M60 damage is 75 per hit.

That's all. Its only my first time I play expert on single player. And that's everything I experienced.


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