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Rayman1103's United We Stand co-op: Fix Zoey issue
Release: 25 July 2017
Update: 28 July 2017

Having problem with Zoey character when playing Rayman1103's 8 survivors mutation mod? Sicked and tired of Zoey name change to "Survivor" when got defibbed or rescued? Want to restore her missing incapped image, label icon, viewmodel arms, and her real name? Yes, the long awaited solution has finally arrived!

Hello there, everyone. Welcome to my very first guide on Left 4 Dead 2 in GameMaps. First, I would like to thank GameMaps for providing every users the opportunity to make their own guidelines. I could not be more grateful to enjoy using this privilege tool that I couldn't find in other websites. Second, please excuse my bad English as its not really my native language. I'll make this as laymen as possible for everyone to understand this guide.

Now, my first guideline today will be teaching you how to fix the common problem regarding one of Rayman1103's Mutation Mod. This is about one of the most famous mod called United We Stand Co-op. Its a mod whereby L4D1 survivors (Bill, Zoey, Francis, Louis) will join forces with L4D2 survivors (Nick, Coach, Rochelle, Ellis) in L4D2 map campaigns, thereby it will have 8 survivors fighting together.

This mod used to contain many bugs and issues in the past, but its now mostly fixed up. The only last major problem is Zoey. Thing is, using the real Zoey character would result in game crashing on Windows. As a consequences, the author Rayman1103 was forced to use a fake Zoey bot called FakeZoey. The script would use an unknown survivor character but plug in with Zoey skin model and talker script. Hence, we can almost identify her as Zoey even though she's not actually real.

However, here comes some real problems for FakeZoey most people will encounter:

1) When Zoey was defibbed or rescued from closet, her name will change to "Survivor"
2) Zoey name will also appear as "Survivor" during end credits. Her gender is identified as "himself"
3) Zoey's name cannot be changed into any custom mod. Her name will still stick as "Zoey" or "Survivor"
4) Zoey viewmodel arms, icon, and incapped image are all missing
5) Survivors won't recognize Zoey when praising her for killing special infected zombies
There you have it. These are the common problems faced by many people using the United We Stand coop mutation mod when encountering Zoey.

It seems like despite many community complained about these bugs, Rayman is still yet to find solution to these annoying Zoey bugs for months. However, I seem to have finally found ways to solve these problems after months of research. It will solve 95% of the FakeZoey's issue and should be satisfactory when tried it out. I think its time for someone to reveal the solutions that people had scrambling for months, so let me be the first ones who shares the solution.

So, how do we fix these FakeZoey's bugs? The answer is through Send Proxy sourcemod plugin.

You must have Sourcemod and Metamod installed in L4D2. Don't worry, installing it is easy and it won't overwrite your current configs. Think it like its just basically adding more console commands. You can find those installation steps either in YouTube or other websites but I'll only be brief about this. To install Sourcemod & Metamod (Skip reading these 5 steps if you already have Sourcemod installed):

Step 1: Go to SourceMod website (click here) and download the latest STABLE build version. There are 3 OS buttons (Windows, Linux, Mac), so just choose the ones you're using. The latest Sourcemod version should be 1.8 - build 6015, or better. After downloaded, extract all the addons folder (which contains metamod & sourcemod folders) into left4dead2/addons directory file. Extract the cfg folder (which only has sourcemod folder) into left4dead2/cfg directory file.
Step 2: Go to Metamod website (click here). Just like Sourcemod, download the latest stable build version (select the only OS you're using), which is currently 1.10 - build 959. Once downloaded it, extract the metamod folder into your addons directory file. And the metamod.vdf file? Ignore it, because in Step 3 there will be new file which you will overwrite this old junk.
Step 3: Go to Metamod's VDF file website (click here). On the Game category, select Left 4 Dead 2, then click Generate metamod.vdf button. You'll be given a new metamod.vdf file, then place it to your addons folder (don't put inside metamod or sourcemod folders, just inside addons would do). 
Step 4 (OPTIONAL): This is about setting yourselves up as sourcemod admin so its not that important. But if some cases like using Steam requires you to verify your admin identity, then you must do this. First, locate left4dead2/addons/sourcemod/configs, then find admins_simple.ini file. Scroll all the way down at bottom, then in the new line copy-paste ""!" "99:z"". If you're in Steam, go to Steam ID Finder, copy your Steam ID and replace with ! It should be something like "STEAM_0:1:xx" once you got your Steam ID. For non-Steamers, just find your IP address in your game console and replace with, retaining the exclamation mark (!). I know this step is a bit tricky but I think you'll get it later. I skipped this step by the way & still works fine for me, because its not necessary.
Final Step: All installations for Sourcemod/Metamod is completed. Now you check if its installed. Go to your L4D2 game, run a map campaign FIRST. Check the console by typing "meta", and "sm" it should be able to see new console commands exist. If you don't have both, that means your sourcemod/metamod isn't installed properly.
Once you have Sourcemod inside L4D2, now these are the plugins you must get:

Firstly, you must obtain Edison1318's Zoey plugins (click here). Download his ExtraZoeyFixes.smx and SendProxyZoey.zip, the two most important files to ensure her real name, icon, and image are all fixed.

Upon downloading, place the ExtraZoeyFixes.smx file into the plugins folder. As for SendProxyZoey.zip, extract the zip file into your sourcemod folder. The zip file has 4 folders inside it (extension, gamedata, plugins, scripting), so be sure all of them must be extracted to the same sourcemod directory folders.

(SKIP READING THIS PART IF YOU FIND IT BORING) So what have we done exactly? Technically speaking, the FakeZoey character in a modified game script is identified as m_survivorcharacter 9 while the real Zoey uses m_survivorcharacter 5, which causes game crash in Windows. Number 9 is unknown survivor, that's why the Zoey is fake and thats why you will see all her (name, icon, incapped etc) bugs problem. By installing her Send Proxy plugin, it will use her arms, icon, and name via m_survivorcharacter 5 personality.

These are the images after adding Zoey's Send Proxy sourcemod plugin:
In other words, her arms, icon, and name all fixed up! You see? Simple as that! Too bad I'm still couldn't find ways to fix her gender though, so I had to talk to people in AlliedModders to see if they can fix that issue. Other than that, almost everything is complete, except...

SOMETIMES, the FakeZoey will not be able to get defibbed once installing her Send Proxy plugin. If you or your survivor bots tried defib her thousand times, she won't get resurrected. Or sometimes, Zoey name and icon will not show up when getting defibbed.

Oh, darn! What to do?? No worries! For to fix this, just download Accelerator74's Defib Fix plugins (click here). There are four files:

- defibfix.autoload (put this into extensions folder)
- defibfix.ext.dll (put this into extensions folder)
- defibfix.ext.so (put this into extensions folder)
- defibfix.txt (put this into gamedata folder)

And there, its finally complete. She can be defibbed, and her name will never change to "Survivor" anymore but retains her real name. Icon, incapped, and arms will all shows up as mentioned earlier. Also, "Nice shot, Zoey!!" as the survivors will finally mention her name after killing Special Infected.

Also if you want to complete their L4D1-L4D2 interactive talker script, I suggest you download the Survivors Mourn Fix plugin. Place the [L4D2] Survivor Mourn Fix.smx file into plugins folder. L4D2 survivors will mourn dead L4D1 survivors, and L4D1 survivors will mourn L4D2 survivors. Try it, you'll love it!

Thats all for my Rayman1103's United We Stand coop guideline for Zoey's issue. I do hope the guideline is made it simpler and clear. I've already talked to Rayman1103 to try fix this problem with his own addon script, but so far no reply yet. Hopefully he'll be able to fix things up soon.

I will post any updates if there's any better or latest solutions provided. Until then, good luck trying out yourselves and have fun with your 8 survivors crusade against the infected world!!
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koBhnr February 2018
I read this article well. I was tried used at fakezoey , sendproxyzoey plugin. It result is succeseful. zoey`s icon and ingame arm be observed. but, Very Seriously bug has Exist. If she Once Die. She`s Not Defibing! when i used addon named "admin menu"(from steam) button at revive player,defib player, respawn player. but that`s not worked. and used defib is fall. and disable all the steam addon before play L4d2 campain with zoey. but it was fall at defib the zoey. I am steam user. and I was share My family at L4d2 and when I tried install FakeZoey plugin at Follow Step at 1,2,3,5(not Follow step 4) I was trying solved this problem with following this part. ↓↓ ( SOMETIMES, the FakeZoey will not be able to get defibbed once installing her Send Proxy plugin. If you or your survivor bots tried defib her thousand times, she won't get resurrected. Or sometimes, Zoey name and icon will not show up when getting defibbed. Oh, darn! What to do?? No worries! For to fix this, just download Accelerator74's Defib Fix plugins (click here). There are four files: - defibfix.autoload (put this into extensions folder) - defibfix.ext.dll (put this into extensions folder) - defibfix.ext.so (put this into extensions folder) - defibfix.txt (put this into gamedata folder) ) I was tried this prolbem. Follow the link Accelerator74's Defib Fix plugins and install that(defibfix.autoroad and defibfix.txt is not exist that link(0 byte or no download button) so , I was follow other link and installed there links) but It`s Not worked. I was Play the L4d2. then, this message is on. You have Plug-ins installed that Will prevent you From Connecting to VAC secured servers. ...left 4 dead 2/addons/metamod/bin/server please help me how fix the bug when Zoey has Die and after tried Defib for She but she`s not revived. sorry my terrible broken english. :( I used goggle translater..
ak47toh February 2018
You still need all four "defibfix" files in order for Defib Fix plugin to work. It doesn't matter if defibfix.autoload & defibfix.txt have 0 bytes as all four of them are very important. You cannot miss any one of them. If you can't download the "autoload" and "txt" files, what you can try do is: search any existing "autoload" files located in your "extensions" folder in Sourcemod, copy & paste one, then rename it to defibfix.autoload. All autoload files are always 0 byte. As for txt file, open Notepad, go to Accelerator74's defibfix.txt link, copy all the text and paste (all brackets must be included) it into the Notepad. Save it as defibfix.txt, then move to the gamedata folder. That should work properly.
ChaiTeckSoon212 October 2017
wow!!! its worked thanks!!
Johnny_Dave August 2017
For some reason with Zoey spawn in any custom maps. We all know that she crash on windows server. And using FakeZoey on sourcemod. This only implement on Nick as a base character. You know, just a make-up model for him as Zoey. And for using Rayman1103 Mutation mod and United We Stand Coop. Only the game files have mess up by Valve after the update of The Sacrifice.
Johnny_Dave August 2017
Using Nick as a base character. They replace Nick lines to Zoey lines to make her actually works on windows server. But if you're using Linux server. You've got lucky for yourself.
ak47toh August 2017
I believe the Nick version you're referring was DeathChaos. I didn't really use his plugin. I use Edison1318's "Send Proxy" plugin which that FakeZoey was completely based on an unknown survivor character rather than Nick. This goes the same for Rayman whom he also created an unknown survivor as FakeZoey's base character (m_survivorCharacter 9). So instead of changing every Nick lines, Rayman only had to import all FakeZoey talker lines from real Zoey. Regarding history, I disagree with some of bit. When The Passing and The Sacrifice were first released in 2010, the real Zoey bot was still fine in Windows when early modders tried to team all L4D1 survivors up with L4D2 survivors. However Bill was the main problem back then. For example, Bill would crash if the game's z_common_limit (max. number of CI allowed in a map) wasn't set to 0. Since his presence always cause game crash, modders made their own FakeBill versions. Then sometime in 2014, Valve has finally fixed Bill after receiving too many bug complaints from L4D2 communities. However, Bill problem was later transferred to Francis. Valve had easily fixed Francis, but now his problem is being carried to Zoey which her data pointer currently got corrupted ever since.
ak47toh August 2017
That being said, I'm hoping for more L4D2 communities to pressure Valve in fixing Zoey data pointer which cause game crash (as well as her other bugs such as weapon animation problem), like how it took 4 years of community pressure to force Valve fixing Bill. Besides, using the real Zoey would restore her gender and plays all her scenes which is something FakeZoey lacks. I only worry that once Valve fixed her someday, Louis will be the next problem.
ThelKiller789 July 2017
I tried this fixes and it works well ,but (For some rare reason)it conflicts L4D Epsilon Modified Talker Mod from Baz and it uses the vanilla talker. And now i have to choose between keeping this fixes but lose the best dialogue talker mod or viceversa¿Any Idea of this bug?
ThelKiller789 July 2017
Oh,Nevernind i found that the talker addon i...accidentaly changed the name disappeared from my addons list,redownloaded and good to go ,now is working 100%,Thanks for this fixes
KleinerJay July 2017
for some reason, add L4D1 team might be a mutation.