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    Admin System - Command List

    This guide details the available commands for my Admin System mod. You'll need the mod in order to use the commands listed in this guide. If you have any questions or are having problems getting a command to work, please let me know and...

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    Custom Mutations Tutorial

    Hello everyone. In this tutorial I’ll teach you how to create your own custom Mutations! If you have any questions just ask, I'll be glad to assist you in any way that I can. Now lets get started! Getting Started Step 1: Download this...

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    How to make your Own Intro in Left 4 Dead 2

    Step 1: Download RAD Tools Before you Begin to make your Intro, I (Seriously) recommend you to download RAD tools which this thing can Convert Video formats into .bik Format but this Format is Really Important for replacing a L4D2 Intro ...

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    How to play with 8 survivors in custom L4D1 maps

    Release: 28 July 2017 Want to play Rayman1103's United We Stand Co-op mutation mod in custom L4D1 map campaigns? You are able to play with 8 survivors in all L4D2 maps, but having trouble doing the same in custom L4D1 maps? No problem! ...

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    How to install fonts for Left 4 Dead 2

    How to install fonts for Left 4 Dead 2 This guide will show you how to install fonts for Left 4 Dead 2. First download font mod for example this one: After you download it extract files and place .vpk fil...

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    Custom Scripted Weapons

    This guide describes how to create a custom weapon with new functionality, using a control vscript and a custom melee weapon as a base. Introduction The guide assumes general L4D2 modding experience, knowledge in creating custom weapons,...

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    Rayman1103's United We Stand co-op: Fix Zoey issue

    Release: 25 July 2017 Update: 28 July 2017 Having problem with Zoey character when playing Rayman1103's 8 survivors mutation mod? Sicked and tired of Zoey name change to "Survivor" when got defibbed or rescued? Want to restore her missi...

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    How to enable vocalizer in Versus and Scavenge ...

    Introduction On November 1, 2018 Valve made an update to Left 4 Dead 2 where they disabled all addons in competitive game modes when playing on official servers (these modes include Versus, Realism Versus, Versus Survival, Scavenge, and ...

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    VSLib Developer Guide - Random Item Spawning

    This guide describes how to use the Random Item Spawning feature in VSLib. The feature gives you the ability to randomly spawn items at set spawnpoints at any time in your mutation or mod. Class reference: https://l4d2scripters.github...

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    VSLib Developer Guide - HUD

    The HUD System HUD is child's play with VSLib. Let's quickly go over some examples. Item Class This is your generic class to display some text. ::example <- HUD.Item("You collected {num} gears out of {total}!"); example.SetValue("num", ...

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    True Infinite Ammo for M60

    Fooling around with scripts, searching for a way to give infinite ammo to the M60 and I found it. Thanks, weapon_chainsaw.txt! Since I am a generous person, I shall share with you (those still playing and modding L4D2) a gem. The key t...

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    How To Get Admin Menu

    1: Go To Workshop 2: Go To Sreach 3: Type Admin Menu 4: Touch Admin Menu 5: Download Admin Menu 6: Download Admin System 7: Go To Left 4 Dead 2 8: Go To Console 9: Type bind i "show_menu Menu" 10: Make Map 11: Choose Host Local Server 12...

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    VSLib Developer Guide - Installation

    A simple, powerful VScript library for L4D2. This library will make your modding so much easier. Create superior mutations, interactive maps, and much more. Installing Download the library and just extract the contents to the following f...

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    How To Clear Fix Texteurs | Very Easy

    1: Go To Workshop 2: Go To Sreach 3: Type Valve's Missing Content Fix 4: Touch Valve's Missing Content Fix 5: Download Valve's Missing Content Fix 6: Go To Left 4 Dead 2 7: Choose Map Workshop 8: Boom! 9: No Here Fix Texteurs 10: Here id...

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    VSLib Developer Guide - Helpful Addons

    Here are some things that Neil created to aid with scripting. These are especially useful if you do not have Visual Studio installed. None of them are necessary for VSLib but are provided for your convenience! Notepad++ L4D2 VScript Synt...

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    Augmented Bots Commands

    This is a guide for all available commands in mod Augmented Bots Available Commands <- i'm lazy... so most of commands are just a single alphabet - !a - Enable/Disable Auto revive from Incap system (Bots Only, Enabled by default) - !r -...

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    VSLib Developer Guide - Notifications

    Notifications Notifications are an important portion of VSLib. Your First VSLib Mutation explains how to use notifications. Here is an example notification: function Notifications::NameOfTheNotification::YourFunctionName ( a list of game...

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    How to use my Super Weapon Script

    "More damage,More fun!" Today Guide is how to use my super weapon script,ok lets begin: 1.Download the script 2.Put it at addon 3.You can watch my own super weapon script video if you want to know 4.All guns deals chaos damage 5.Have ico...

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    VSLib Developer Guide - Utilities

    Utilities Here are a couple of utilities that you can use. Click here for a complete list. String Functions - Utils.StringReplace( string, find, replace ) - Allows you to find and replace portions of a string. - Utils.CombineArray( arr...

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    VSLib Developer Guide - Entity & Player Class

    Entity class The Entity class wraps Valve's entity object and adds a couple of new features. Here's how you can utilize VSLib's entity class: // You can find an entity by targetname yourVariableNameHere <- Entity ( "targetname here" ); ...