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    Wish You Fixed Those Bugs

    First of all, i thank you for trying to make any sort of remake or modification for an original campaign like crash course, but i did expect more than that. Anyway, i found many invisible objects, models or props along the 5 levels. Yes, i loved the surprise of zombies breaking into the safe room that i thought i would take the safe room as a refugee till the gate is opened, but zombies surprised me from both sides and even the safe room door didn't shut lol. It was fun while playing it with Bots on Expert Single Player Mode. On chapter 2 which is supposed to be the final chapter in original crash course campaign, the panic event of destroying the bridge gate didn't call any hordes although i heard their screams from far away, but none came lol, then i moved in peace to my safe room along with bots. In finale, i died for sure because of tanks and didn't know that the office door was invincible like that. Otherwise, i would take it as a pure safe spot for me and lame bots and clear that level from first time in peace, but never knew it and died to restart the level and find no f*ckin gas cans waiting for me and i tried to make the best use of those red cans trying to fill the f*ckin generator or pump with fuel, but only got 3 red cans. It really drove me crazy; because i already wasted like 2 hours playing the campaign to shut it down that way because of a stupid bug that was not fixed at all although pretty enough time was there to fix it. so 1 star is what this campaign deserves as it will ruin the run of whoever plays it especially on Expert Mode. Yes, i appreciate your attempt to make something new out of something old or common, but it's incomplete and a waste of time just when you die in finale to be forced to quit the campaign because those gas tanks are not there anymore. Wish you fix it and i may change my rating. Good Luck!

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