No More Industries Ext. (Fixed)

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  • 6 Country Maps
  • Industrial / Rural Area
  • Helicopter Finale
  • Lots of supplies
  • Test Your Might


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    Near perfect campaign. Fun challenging maps that aren't obscenely difficult and balanced well with plenty of defibs for the chaos at times. I honestly didn't encounter any issues, other than a random crash on the finale, probably my end though. other than bots taking a stupid route on the third last chapter I believe, I jumped off a platform into swamp water, got pounced, and the bots took the long way around. Epic ending as well, definitely recommend, classic L4D style.

    This review was posted before the latest release.

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Version 4.7 Complete

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    这是一张以一个个小游戏为主的地图,主要成分为坑,趣味,不喜欢坑图的不建议尝试 此外如果进不去的话,大概率是和插件冲突!! 推荐人数4-8人,难度高级 This is a map mainly composed of small games, with the main components being pits. I...

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